Get a Leg Up with Fall Trends with Latigo Shoes and Boots

Retro chic Latigo footwear is so on trend for autumn. -PJ Gach...more

Summer (/Almost Fall) Chambray Four Ways

I don’t fancy myself the fashionable type. Definitely not a trend-setter. I like basics, with a few flashy accents. I’m your quintessential jeggings-and-t-shirt kinda gal. Which is why chambray is so amazing. It’s been on-trend for awhile now, but I love its versatility for summer. What do you think of this Trend Alert on Summer Chambray? Do you have a favorite of the four looks?...more

Do Tell: I Can't Believe I Wore That Contest. Look Who Won a Visa Gift Card!

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hoppity hop hop hop!


New York Fashion Week: The Fashion Insider Scoop for Fall

The tents are all packed up, the models have done their final turn on the catwalk, and I'm back in sneakers and jeans. New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer '10 is over, and... oh, that's right, it's fall now, isn't it? ...more

...but for ballet class! Still, I do think they're cute under a short skirt or a dress -- I ...more