Favorite Fall Trends Roundup

Fall is coming to an end and winter is fast approaching, which means it's time for my fall trends roundup! This is becoming one of my favorite posts to work on because I get to showcase my favorite trends of the season and my favorite bloggers sporting those trends. I have to say though, it's not an easy task, especially because there are so many bloggers and outfits that I'd like to feature. It's hard to narrow them down to just a handful. Well, I guess there is always next time....more

Falling for Faux Fur in Fall

Can you say "Falling for Faux Fur in Fall" 10 times quickly? Bet you can't! Can you say faux fur fan? I sure can because I've been a huge fan of faux fur for a while now. I've been eyeing several faux fur coats and vests but the ones that I've liked in the past have been out of my price range. I remember a couple of years ago, I had found one at Saks while shopping with a friend. It was the end of the season so it was marked down to 60% off the original price but even then it was still not within the price range I was comfortable with. I showed it to my husband and he said I was crazy for wanting to buy it. Speaking of which, do your husbands, or significant others, have a say in your wardrobe? How much influence do they have?...more

What I'm Loving

Fall is my favorite season and even though it doesn't feel like fall here in Florida, I still like to see what new styles are making waves. Whether it be rich deep lips or warm camel toned accessories, I am loving a lot of the trends this season. ...more

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Dress - Military Maven

Work Week Fall Wardrobe Inspiration

Sometimes getting dressed for work in Fall is a challenge! Choosing great warm tones and adding layers is a great start. Here are 5 fun and colorful looks to inspire creativity for your upcoming work week. ...more
my favorite is the third...but a good fitting pencil skirt seems key! i recently discovered a ...more

It's no lie, we to buy, but spend..that depends! Fall fashions under $25!

It's no lie, we like to buy.  But spend? That depends.  We are definitely up for investing in pieces that are worth it.  Trendy pieces that last a season? Maybe not so much.  Enter TJ Maxx....more

Fall's Twilight Look

While I was browsing through the style trends of Fall 2008, I came across the designs of Roberto Cavalli's Ready To Wear look and found it vaguely familiar. ...more

That's just wrong

Ah, fall. Besides all the nice crap, there's a nip in the air signaling the beginning of jacket season and months of painstakingly layering scads of clothing in an attempt to avoid frost bite. Yeah, I adore fall. Well, I found out yesterday it's also apparently the start of the "Look Like a Puffy Idiot" season. What? You haven't heard? Well, thank gawd you're here. ...more