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Work Week Fall Wardrobe Inspiration

Sometimes getting dressed for work in Fall is a challenge! Choosing great warm tones and adding layers is a great start. Here are 5 fun and colorful looks to inspire creativity for your upcoming work week. ...more
my favorite is the third...but a good fitting pencil skirt seems key! i recently discovered a ...more

It's no lie, we to buy, but spend..that depends! Fall fashions under $25!

It's no lie, we like to buy.  But spend? That depends.  We are definitely up for investing in pieces that are worth it.  Trendy pieces that last a season? Maybe not so much.  Enter TJ Maxx....more

Fall's Twilight Look

While I was browsing through the style trends of Fall 2008, I came across the designs of Roberto Cavalli's Ready To Wear look and found it vaguely familiar. ...more

That's just wrong

Ah, fall. Besides all the nice crap, there's a nip in the air signaling the beginning of jacket season and months of painstakingly layering scads of clothing in an attempt to avoid frost bite. Yeah, I adore fall. Well, I found out yesterday it's also apparently the start of the "Look Like a Puffy Idiot" season. What? You haven't heard? Well, thank gawd you're here. ...more

13 Fall Fruits and Vegetables for your Menu

The fall is a cornucopia of available fresh fruits and vegetables that you should add to your diet. Many can be used during the holiday season, but you don’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy them. Apples, carrots, and especially clementines are great for lunches. Sweet potatoes can be used from making pancakes to pies to a side dish for dinner. And broccoli is versatile for breakfast omelets, lunch salads, or dinner vegetables. ...more

Thanks for the idea.  I almost put persimmons on the list, but because this was a Thursday ...more

Fashion updates for the poor, the plump, and the clueless

Here's a letter I'll pretend to have received:  Dear Poppy,  I am fat, broke, and out of it, yet I want to spark up my look for fall, 2008. Can you help?  Signed,  Your Faithful BlogHer Reader  ...more

I'll take those platform heels and raise you one set of pastel pink legwarmers. I can still feel ...more

What's Hot for Fall - The Good

There are actually some fun trends for Fall. There are of course some trends that I’m skeptical of. Let’s start with what I think is great: ...more

Trendwatch: The suit

Menswear is back for Fall 2007, as are pretty, ladylike colors and silhouettes. Bringing them all together is the suit. Suits by Bottega Veneta (left) and Chanel (right); photo from Vogue. ...more