Want an Early Look at at the New Girl? Not Just for VIPs Anymore

Amongst the buzz of must-see TV this fall is FOX’s half-hour comedy New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel. I saw the pilot a few days ago and really liked it. Which is always promising as pilots can be hit or miss. Sometimes you need a few episodes before the cast really gels, but this one seemed at ease. New Girl doesn’t premiere until September 20th, but you don’t need a studio screener to see it early. FOX is making everyone an insider....more
I watched it yesterday on TiVo and really liked it. Cute and well written.more

Fall TV: Awesomeness and Suckage

After reviewing all the fall TV on CBC, CTV, Global, Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS, I have come to a few, shall we say, conclusions. Am I right, am I wrong? I guess we'll find out. Monday Awesomeness: You're dealing with the night Prison Break is on, people. Nothing will topple it. I'm a little bit nervous that they won't keep up the quality, but for now, I have no reason to doubt it. ...more