Fall Apple Slices

 http://eggallergycooking.blogspot.com/2013/10/fall-sliced-apples.htmlFall Apple Slices ...more

8 Apple Recipes for Fall

Come at me, fall. I know you’re hiding somewhere behind the sunshine and high temperatures. You’re ready to flow over us, to force us into wool coats and riding boots, scarves and dark colors....more

Fall Crafts Blog Hop Starts Tomorrow

Fall Crafts Blog Hop Starts TomorrowFall is upon us and there are many creative crafts and projects to be done with the kids! I love early October, the weather starts to get chilly and more time is spent doing crafts and activities indoors with the kids. First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas! ...more

Autumn Flavors

So, this is post 2 for NaBloPoMo and since I'm not sure how to relate "fall" at this time of night (or morning to be exact), I'm going with the prompt for flavor(s)....more

Official NaBloPoMo Announcement

For those unfamiliar with the term, NaBloPoMo originated as 'National Blog Posting Month' in November 2006. The goal was for bloggers to post something every day of the month. The idea was generated from the National Writing Month where the goal is to produce a certain number of words in one month. The overall goal of both is basically to create more disciplined writing....more

Candy Corn Cookies

Before the baking frensy of the holidays are upon us, I thought I'd share a family favorite that can be done with any regular sugar cookie recipe. They are great for treat bags, kids school parties or to take to the office.. Read how to make them at http://creativedestinationsguide.com/candy-corn-cookies/(sorry, can't seem to get picture to load, but it's on my post as well as my Fall Leaf Cookies)...more

DIY Vintage Fall Florals

    This fall a...more

Fall in Love with October's NaBloPoMo Theme

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? ...more
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It's Fall Soup Time!

I think I'm going to make some soup for lunch. It's chilly here.more

Welcome, Autumn

Whether we add them to our calendar, make intentional plans and preparations, or keep them tucked away as subconscious thoughts, we all have our own traditions and rituals which we observe to recognize and celebrate the changing of seasons. ...more