One Word Wednesday: Fall

Unedited and honest. The focus of One Word Wednesday is to show the reality of the Pirate House each week, in pictures and just one word....more

I Love Fall (picture post)

The heavy gray sky set the mood for this morning. There was a promise of rain in the air, but it never came. Clouds hung over the valley, lopping along the sky to drop their precious water on the foothills above us. I was letting the difficult events of the day ahead, hang over me like omninous clouds. ...more

Family Fall Fun Checklist

 I have struggled a little this year with going back to work, and keeping on top of all the things I would like to accomplish. As a result, this is what I put together for my Family to keep track of all the fun activities we want to accomplish during this season. I sat down with my kids and asked them what some they wanted to do this year, so this is what we came up together. I thought I would share with you all so that, if you are a list checker like myself, you can use it for your family also! ...more

Fall in Maryland

Yesterday was a gorgeous, warm fall day. Late in the afternoon while driving home my eyes witnessed nature's awesome beauty. I snapped these photos with my mobile phone. Pretty awesome pics, eh? What kind of phone you ask? HTC one x+...more

November already?

October is over! I don't have much candy left. I'm taking down some of the pumpkin decorations today...and that makes me a little sad. October is such a fun month. There are sunny days, it usually always warms up at some point. I get to wear my favorite outfit- shorts and a sweatshirt. I love the crisp smell of the air in the mornings. The leaves are beautiful, the chestnuts fall and I am inspired to clean the house....more

Halloween Decorations

I don’t really celebrate Halloween. I take Charlie trick or treating and put Henry on the front door but that is about the extent of my decorating.Henry...more
I love Henry. He's my favourite. :)more

The Best Apple Crisp Recipe

You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.-Julia ChildOctober is a month I relish. The weather is spot on for running – crisp temperatures pop a spring in my step as leaves crunch underfoot....more

This Too Shall Pass: Fall Mud, Autumn Feelings

I've been thinking a lot about time. I suppose fall does that to me. With all the leaves falling and the ground decaying under my feet. It's Mother Nature's most in-your-face reminder that time marches on, things change, release, fall away. And I suppose I feel like being grounded too....more
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Do I embrace failure? No! I absolutely don't embrace failure. There's nothing for me to hide regarding that. I do not like failure, I don't even want to be partial friends with failure.BUT,I fail!...more

Who Did I First "Fall" For?

Since yesterday's topic of discussion was related to love, I'll take this one to be about love as well. In this manner, the first person I thought I "fell" for, in love, would be a fellow 5th/6th grade boy. We'll call him "G".Read more at: Life Breath Present...more