Blimey, today was full of danger and surprises

Today was a bit annoying. I sat down to write this blog post and the leg fell off my chair, causing me to fall prostrate onto the floor.  I called out to my dog; "Naughty George, I have fallen, and I think it's really bad." I had visions of him coming to my aid and then staying for several weeks beside my dead body until I was discovered by rescuers. You read about it all the time in the papers. ...more


Dana stood at the kitchen sink and looked out the window at the sunlight brightening some leaves.  At the shadows darkening others.  A yellow leaf fluttered to the ground.              Fall.  I love it, and I hate it.              As she waited for the coffee to brew, she opened the cabinet over the toaster oven and looked up at the white every day dishes.  No.  Not today.  Today I'll use china.  As she...more

Hey Beth:
It's been an emotional roller coaster, for sure! Stay tuned. I've got 3 more posts ...more

squish squash... it’s fall

Fall has not officially arrived until I’ve made at least one pumpkin pie and a pot of squash soup. In years past, both of these items are made for our annual Halloween party. But, since we spent Halloween evening at some friends’ house this year, neither of these things have graced our table. Today, because it’s a warm and sunny fall day, and the leaves are a million shades of beautiful golden colors, and fall is halfway over, I’m making squash soup. ...more

It's Time for Cardigans!

It's finally cool in my neck of the woods and I'm loving it. We can put the flannel sheets on our beds and bundle up! We can build fires in our fireplaces and wear cozy clothes and get ready for snow! Not so into it? You can still enjoy the fashion opportunities that cool weather affords -- layering, boots, tights and gloves.  ...more

LOVE it! And I would wear it with everything! more

A Labor of Love~Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Whiskey Cream Sauce

Human beings are fairly predictable. We generally do things for others, for one of two reasons--to GIVE or to GET. It doesn't really matter what the action is; giving or getting is always the underlying motivation. ...more

The Best Butternut Squash & Apple Curry Soup

The Best Butternut Squash and Apple Curry Soup A.K.A AUTUMN IN A BOWL ...more

Fall Apple Yeast Bread

Hey Friends, I'm a ball of SHEAR EXCITEMENT about the three topics I want to discuss in this post. Bubbling with feverish bliss, Gleefully Ecstatic, overcome with ELATION...happy. ...more

Sometimes Change Is Inevitable and Indeed Necessary

I was thinking about the change in seasons recently. I love Autumn. I love the air, temperature, and atmosphere in Fall. The leaves, in this season, are very beautiful to me. The leaves go through a process and change from bright greens to yellows, oranges, and reds. The changing of the leaves is inevitable. It does not matter how much we enjoy Summertime, when Fall comes, the change will happen. Like night and day, we expect this change and many of us welcome it openly.Changes, as well, in our lives sometimes are inevitable....more


I love the Fall!  No more ninety plus degree days with a thousand percent humidity.  No more watermelon stains on the girl's white t-shirts.  And thank goodness no more cantelope, I just can't stand cantelope.  And lest we forget - hockey and football!!  The days are cooler now, the sweatshirts are out of storage and the produce shelves at Harris Teeter are filled with squash and apples galore....more

If I could talk my husband into going apple picking this weekend. We've never done it. Hmmmm.... ...more

Ghoulishly Gluten-Free Halloween Cupcake Recipe

Tragic wails could be heard across the yard and into adjacent houses. Concerned neighbors glanced out their windows to search for the source of such a forlorn sound, for surely something must be terribly wrong. All they could see, though, was a short, sad-looking woman carrying a sobbing tooth fairy back to the car. These cupcakes are for Jenny. ...more

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your sweet story touched my heart thinking of poor Jenny and so ...more