Public or Private

I took one full year off from blogging aside checkup posts to let you know I had taken a year off to concentrate on finding a job and keeping said job. I know I am not the best writer. I don't pretend to think I have dozen of followers. I know I should do a sponsored post better. Yet, I don't stop blogging. I have some sputters and starts and stops in my blogging self but for the most part I still utilize my little soap box for just that MY SOAP BOX. ...more

Bouncing off of Concrete

I walked the girls when I came in last night from work.It was my usual deal; our “quiet time”, if you will, that we walk through the neighborhood and smell the flowers....more

Falling in Slow Motion

I cannot be the only one…who has watched their child heading for imminent disaster, opened your mouth to call out a warning to them, but knew perfectly well that fate’s plan was for them to fall.  This was exactly the scenario Sonny Boy and I experienced on our precarious neighborhood walk to scope out Christmas lights yesterday afternoon. ...more

Fibro-Osteo Fallitis

Klutzes of America, unite!! I will nominate myself for President of this organization because I have absolutely terrible balance. I've had another fall. This one occurred on Saturday afternoon in the kitchen where I tripped over a bag of apples and went onto the kitchen floor....more

The Dreaded “Falling” Dreams

Do you have dreams where you see yourself falling off a cliff or building? Are you often awakened by a sudden sensation of falling, only to realize you are comfortably snuggled in your bed? Do you have falling dreams? These types of dreams can have us breaking out in a cold sweat very quickly—and then there is the old wives tale that if you actually hit the bottom of your fall you can die. The myth is enough to make our hearts stop. But what does it all mean?...more

Good News, Bad News

Hello, all.  I'm new to this community but not to blogging. Thought I'd pass on one of those little tales about how life presents you with one of those perfect opportunities to choose whether to feel beleaguered or to put a more optimistic spin on things. ...more

Another Cockamamie Christmas Tree

I know I haven't written in a while what with being busy with work and that whole Christmas thing, but this blog about a bog should make up for it. ...more