Weekly Round Up

It’s been a crazy week here at S.T.O.P.--Safe Tables Our Priority!  I have been getting ready to head out to Washington, D.C....more

10 Conversations to Reconnect with your Kids in Just 10 Minutes

Ask any parent how life is going, and I guarantee the number one word you'll hear is "busy." We're all racing around, tending to our jobs, our kids' homework and activities, trying to squeeze in "quality time" as best we can. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and feel like there's never any time for more meaningful connections. I get it. I also know that even ten minutes can be enough time to reconnect with your kids. ...more
My son is 10 and I miss him so much! When he was little we used to be so close and spend alot of ...more

It’s time to reconsider the broad use of antibiotics in farm animals

Antibiotics are currently used widely and irresponsibly in raising farm animals.  These antibiotics are meant for treating humans and this use in animals entering the food chain breeds antibiotic resistant bacteria that make people sick, and are much harder to recover from....more

Are 19 Kids Too Many?

When are they gonna stop? ...more

The Center for Courageous Kids

Teresa Bell Kindred www.nanahood.com www.thenanablogs.com ...more

Finally -- More Direction at the USDA

S.T.O.P.—Safe Tables Our Priority extends our congratulations to Dr. Elisabeth Hagen on her nomination for the position of Undersecretary for Food Safety.  ...more

Help for Haiti from a UK mummy blogger

I'm not overly political, although I do have opinions (and I like Nick Clegg so much more after his Gina Ford comments..), and although Gordon Brown might have trouble running a piss up in a brewery I do like the fact he gave women more maternity leave (but I have diminishing faith in his ability to get us out of debt)....more

Holiday Food Safety: STOP Tele-seminar on How to Eat Safely and Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

With H1N1 casting a shadow on all our social interactions, food safety is particularly important this holiday season. Not only do we need to think about how long that egg nog has been sitting on the buffet table – or left on the counter in the kitchen before it was served – we also need to worry about food handling and not passing along Swine Flu....more

Jancee Dunn on parents, children and "normal"

Families are strange things. There are a lot of things you can control in life and a lot you can’t, and the family you’re born into is one of the “can’t” things. I guess that's why there are so many shrinks; a lot us just haven't come to peace with our parents and sublings. ...more

Brahms, Death, and What to Say

Long ago, when I was a young music student, I struggled to master Brahms on the piano. I prefered the more accessible Chopin, the impressionist Debussy, and the structured and perfect Mozart.  When I attempted to play Brahms, the music wasn't music; it just sounded like notes. My wise piano teacher took time out from my lesson. She told me that at one time she'd had trouble interpreting and understanding Brahms. She also never knew what to say at funerals. How could she help the person who had suffered the loss of a loved one? Then her husband died. ...more