Creating a Work-Life-Home-Family Balance

Working a full-time, 40 (or more) hour a week job while maintaining some form of a social life is a difficult balancing act. Sometimes the lines dividing your work life and your home life are blurred–when you pull into your driveway after work, the first thought on your mind is locking yourself in your room (or office), opening up your laptop, and hammering away at those reports due this week. We shouldn’t have to work from home...more

Scenes From Our Weekend | vol 6

This weekend was a pretty relaxed couple of days. Yesterday I had planned with my husband to take Greyson to his first zoo visit but unfortunately the weather here had other plans. We’ve needed rain for so long, so in that sense I didn’t mind too much that we were stuck indoors. Thankfully the weather cleared up and we couldn’t have asked for a better day to walk around. ...more

Copycat Lofthouse Sugar Cookies with Fluffy Maple Buttercream Frosting

I know it’s a little late for Maple flavors since we’re in full swing with Christmas and peppermint, but I just had to share this recipe with y’all.I made these for Thanksgiving and they disappeared quickly. So quick, I didn’t have a chance to take a photo so I could share them with you. Which is why I made them again this week, even though we are past Thanksgiving. Seriously, where did November go?Although you can enjoy these cookies anytime of the year because who doesn’t love maple or Lofthouse cookies?...more

Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Sandwich Sauce

Initially, this was going to just be a recipe post for this amazing Cranberry Sandwich Sauce. But then, I thought y’all might want to know how I throw together a delicious turkey sandwich. So here it is, my recipe for my Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Sandwich Sauce.This sandwich tastes best with a thick slice of turkey breast and not those paper thin deli slices you buy at your grocery store.Please don’t buy those for this sandwich. It will just break my heart!Better yet, use some of that leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving feast. Because that’s really how this recipe came to be, what to do with all that leftover turkey and cranberry sauce....more

The Women Before Me

As my nine year old daughter stands on her stool, tearing toast into pieces, dropping it into a large bowl and complaining about HOW MUCH BREAD there is yet to toast, I am there, also nine, next to my Mom, complaining. "Mom, oh my god, why is there so much?!" and in the back of my mind "Why the hell is my brother not doing this?" (to date: he still doesn't. He just shoplifts all of the dressing from the rest of us. But this year, I'm making a secret stash of our own to keep at home, and no one remind him he has a key to my house. Thanks in advance). ...more

Falling For Them

It is another gorgeous autumn afternoon in Oreland. We have been blessed with some spectacular, crisp and sunny days lately—which makes me dread the dark and dreary winter ahead even more. Aiden’s been earning his keep by raking the back yard with his mini-rake. If I was an outdoorsy type (which if you read this blog at all you know I am definitely not), I would almost be tempted to hike or something. Luckily, my family can do the outside thing for me, and I can just look at the pictures from the comfort of my living room....more

Toy Story

One of the stories my mom often related was the tale of Adenoids, her favorite doll (yes, that was her name). Little Joanie adored Adenoids and took her everywhere. At some point, Mom decided that Adenoids was hungry, so she started feeding her bits of food through the doll’s small, open mouth. Needless to say, that quickly became one stinky dolly; one night Grandpa took matters into his own hands and threw Adenoids in the trash after his daughter was asleep....more

A Letter To My Kids' New Stepmom

Dear My Kids New Stepmom,...more

Bath Time

I begin by telling you that I do take daily showers, no worries. But it has been years since I last took a bath (you know, the sybaritic, candle burning, magazine reading kind). I guess I always feel time-crunched. By the time I have a free hour to soak, I’m too tired to pour in the bubbles. And it’s a shame, because I really used to love baths....more