Happiness happens in ordinary moments

What does happiness mean to you? My husband always says that happiness is a choice- to be satisfied with what you have, to be kind, to love and let others love you. I think in this instance, (which doesn't happen very often!) he is right!...more

Using Up The Last Few Days Of Summer - Little Buffalo State Park

I don't know about where you live, but where we live we are within driving distance to several State Parks. And because the weather has been so cool this Summer, and although it's August, last week was the first time we'd been to the pool. Lil Man had a blast....more

Mothering: the expectations...and the reality

www.sybilsage.com Expected: natural delivery with no interventionReality: c-section after 20 hours of labor Expected: being older and experienced would make parenting a snapReality: nursing 8 times a day is more exhausting than being President of the United States Expected: would calm down once he outgrew the risk of SIDS...more

Movies in the Park

If you want a cheap date night or family night, look for your local movies in the park. In Oregon, you will find them all throughout the Portland-metropolitan area. In our own neighborhood we have them every Friday night, and just one stop further, we have them every Thursday night....more

DIY Sidewalk Paint

DIY Sidewalk Paint! So last Friday I decided to put one of my Pintrest pins to use (rare I know) and we decided to go to town making our own chalk paint....more

No Longer A Boy, Now You Are A Man!

I find it so hard to comprehend that today you are no longer a boy, now you are a man! Was it really twenty one years ago today,That my life was changed in such a dramatic way!When I first looked into your sweet, little, face,I knew that you were a true gift of His Grace!As you grew, so did the bond that we share, ...more


I swear, in my family, that's a title I have: Finder of ALL THE THINGS! I'm not sure how exactly it happened, but somehow, I'm the one they turn to when they misplace something. Is it an additional role I fill, or part of the whole Wife/Mom gig?Did I have some weird sort of Momlocation device inserted upon birth of my children? Is it in the wedding band? Does the Matrix simply like me more than them, and chooses to reveal hidden objects to my gaze?...more

Gratitude Linkup - Week of 7/13/14

One of the best ways to have perspective, for me, is to remember the things I'm grateful for. There have been times when I've gotten stuck in negativity that I've done a quick gratitude list (in my head or with another) and started on the path of releasing that negativity. Gratitude lists help me to remember what's beautiful and to remain present in my life.Each week, Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad is a way for me to share a few of the things I'm grateful for with others....more

Moms just don't understand

Sometimes I have to take a step back and reassess my lot in this motherhood gig. My Loud Child is ridiculously smart and is never more than a stern 1,2,3 warning away from timeout thanks to his disastrous mix of curiosity and audacious defiance of the house rules....more

You're Not Alone VIII

I’m not saying these are all about me. I’m just saying if you feel the same, or you have done it too, you’re not alone.You’re not alone if……when you try to use your DVD or TV, you have to say the steps OUT LOUD because there is a lot to do and it is very confusing.…you stop in the middle of exercising to get a snack....more