Reflection on Parenthood

I tend to do a lot of reflecting around the children's birthdays.  Looking at them now, they seem to have grown up loads in the short time since we've been here in France.  N's confidence is growing so much, he's settling into his new school, learning a new language - so many new things....more

Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seed pudding is so great for you. I was introduced to in once I started a more clean way of eating to help heal my body. Once everything came out clear from my MRI and blood work we are now figuring out that gluten, unnatural sugars are causing me pain and migraines. Silly huh?! Therefore now my Husband and I are working on a healthier natural way of eating.  ...more

Over Fifty Memorial Day Craft ideas!

 On Memorial Day, we take a moment to honor all fellow Americans who fought and give their lives in battle while serving our country.  It’s also a day to celebrate freedom and show patriotism.  Here are some craft ideas I rounded up   th...more

Learn Lessons From The Butterfly

 Faith and Family Blog  We can learn some of life's greatest lessons by watching the struggles of a butterfly leave the cocoon, said the teacher, as she sent each of her biology students home for the weekend with a cocoon-in-a-bottle....more

Blue Jeans Without the Bling...

I met my favorite farmer at a Dartmouth College fraternity party more than 22 years ago. No matter how many times they hear it, my daughters love listening to the story....more

Preparing Your Pets To Meet Your Baby

Sometimes, just the thought of introducing your human baby to your furry babies can send a hormonal pregnant mama into an anxiety riddled tailspin! BUT, I promise that when done thoughtfully and purposefully, this introduction can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. ...more
What books or websites did you read while preparing?more

Top 10 Budget Travel Ideas for Dream Vacation

How would you feel if you could afford your dream vacation? Discover how to achieve your dreams by following these top 10 budget travel ideas....more