A Penny Saved, a Date Night Lost: Lessons from the Trampoline

"Hello?" "Hi, Liz, it's [parent of sleepover's birthday girl]. So, I'm calling because the kids were playing outside and [Miss Plum] evidently has swallowed a penny." "...she...what?" ...more
@whatacrock PS, I think anytime our kids swallow something they shouldn't have, that's a big ...more

Afraid Of Your Own Shadow?

My Daughter and I--Roatan 2010...more

How to Write a Father's Day CArd

I remember what it was like to go into a Hallmark store and struggle to find a card I thought was appropriate for my dad. Ugh. Not fun. So, to help you avoid that sinking feeling, here's a quick tutorial on how to write a wonderful Father's Day card. You'll find specific card concepts at the bottom of the post, but I encourage you to play. Let your creative genius shine!1. Make the cover fun:...more


201....That's the number of complete months since I last spoke to or saw my Mother.  201 full months of missing her and needing her.  I was 26 years old when my Mom suddenly passed away.  It was the first time I'd lost someone incredibly close to me and I was shattered.  She was a young 59 and she was supposed to be here, even now, nearly 17 years later.  I fully expected her to help me plan my children's birthday parties, graduation parties, to come over and get in pictures when they went to Prom....more

My After-Life Series ~ Tricks of the Trade

By Susan Keats, Contributor &  Seize-the-Day PropagandistMy new next door neighbor has 2 little kids. When we moved into this house years ago, I also had two little kids, and in the very house where my new neighbor lives there lived 3 teenage girls. I would look at my tiny kids and then at the big girls next door and find it very hard to imagine that my girls would ever be as big, independent and accomplished as the girls next door....more

Lake Winnepesaukah: These Are The Days

When i was young, I lived in Tiftonia TN. I got to enjoy Lake Winnie several days there. On one ...more

The Great Red Pen Debacle of 2013

Bellonheels.com   Well I survived, but just barely. My third child had his preschool graduation last night. Yes, in case you are unaware, that is a thing now. Just another thing they do to try and torture us. I am convinced that teachers get together and brainstorm ways to make us moms cry. What is wrong with you people? Using your powers in such ways? My little one was so excited and he was the first of mine who actually wanted to dress up for his big event. His request for a three piece suit was denied but I definitely see one in his future....more
LOL! NEVER leave home WITHOUT extra clothes for EVERYONE!!!!!more

What It Means When A Family Member Says They Love You But Don't Like You

Growing up in a family full of secrets is not new to many people. I grew up in one of those families, where even the simple things could be manipulated to end up being something else. It goes to show all of us just how important open and honest communication is. When family members come up with their own reasons for why things happen, and don't clear the air about their fears, doubts, anger and sadness, mayhem is sure to follow....more
I am forever amazed at how the notion of family changes, as the truths emerge from a childhood ...more

I'm Not A Helicopter Mom

 A few weeks ago we, as a nation, were pleasantly surprised by the resurfacing of the three Cleveland women who had been kidnapped a decade ago. Ten years! My son was only one year old when one of them was taken. ...more

The Beginning to an End!

About 12 years ago I was told I have a degenerative disease which lurked in the discs of my vertebrae. In one ear and out the other. I was young, strong, and perfectly fine. As I went about my "make everyone happy" mode of life, I never really cared too much about taking care of the most important person in my life...me. This is an extremely hard concept for mothers. We tend to make sure everyone else in the family has their needs met, down to the family pets....more
Can't wait to read more! How fortunate you are to have such a life style change, most people ...more