Her babe's first twenty-four hours.

  I went back and forth between them all night long. She had not woken from anesthesia yet.  ‘Wake up! Wake up!’  I silently demanded her.   ...more
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The four legged friend, Gunner.

He loved me.  We were great friends.Always so pleased to see each other,Even for a quick visit. With permission,He would run over to my house,Seek me out,...more
AnnaInternational Billy needs his beauty sleep!  Yes, our furry friends do add to our lives for ...more

I'm A No-Balance Blogger

Getting to School Early

One day, last week, my son, R, and I arrived at school drop-off early. Twenty-five minutes early. This never happens. Never. We were the first ones waiting in the school parking lot due to the freezing temperatures. I had decided to drive him that day, instead of making the typical walk from our home, around the town reservoir, past the dogs playing in the snow, and into the school door marked number two....more

The bay.

Warm and windy.It is always windy here.But that is part of the draw.  Never too hot or humid.The wind makes sure of that.  The perfect summer holiday location. ...more
Oh that bathroom was the worst.  The kids were terrified! hamore

Surrogacy and Paternity Testing: What Are They, Really?

The word "surrogacy" gets thrown around a lot, but not everyone fully understands what it is. How do you define surrogacy? And if a gay couple wants to father a child, which partner should donate the sperm?Even paternity testing is common knowledge - in fact, it is the stuff many telenovelas are made of. But what are its legal implications?Surrogacy takes place when a woman carries a baby for another person or couple, brining the pregnancy to term. This woman is referred to as the surrogate and it is her who enables couples who cannot have children to become parents....more

Why We Don't Have A TV

What?!  We don't have a TV?  Whose crazy idea was that?? ...more

The green jumper.

One evening,My family sat around the tableEnjoying each others’ companyMy youthful perspective was altered.  We were in the midst of an enjoyable conversation.My girlfriend had joined my family for dinner. She was learning about my family’s past.She was intrigued with the stories. Suddenly, she asked, ‘How did you meet?’ Taken aback, l looked from my parents to my friend. It was like she was speaking in a foreign language. It was almost like she swore. ...more
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The diving board story.

This story has always been referenced by that title. I have not shared it for over twenty five years. It was my story telling debut.  I babysat a lot when I was young. I enjoyed it and kids liked me. It gave me spending money and something to do. My favourite family to sit for,Lived down the street from me. They were a nice family.They had two girls.They were great parents and always considerate of me....more

The sleep.

One day, when I was in high school,I grew tired and went to bed. I slept eighteen hours or more a day.I lost a year of school. Medical tests proved nothing.Almost a year later,I was rested.  I wrote this at that time; ‘I was so down.No matter what the doctors said,I knew there was something wrong.Week after week – I slept them away. I missed my friends.I missed myself.I didn’t like this new me.And if you had seen me,...more
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