Life's Been Good So Far

In honor of hubby's b-day, and after his nasal impersonation of Joe Walsh, which was way too early on a Sunday morning I might add, is today's Music Monday!  Today, Life's Been Good. ...more

Mom's Job Never Ends

When my oldest son was born I was working full time in an office. I was lucky enough to be able to work part of the time at home. My days still were very structured, I had a lot of office work with dead lines for clients that had to get done. I only had the one baby, so it was fairly easy to keep up with the house and work....more

First Pitch at Lowell Spinners

This summer we attended a Lowell Spinners baseball game with members of our church. My 5 year old son, Ryan, got the privilege of throwing out one of the first pitches of the game.This photo was taken by the photographers at the game! I love how it shows him having thrown the ball, the ball in mid-air and you can see his name on the big screen to the left of him. A very cool photo shot!...more

40 is the new it really?

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The Windy Year of the Sheep of the Sheep“In the village of Badbea in Caithness the conditions were so harsh that, while the women worked, they had to tether their sheep and even their children to rocks or posts to prevent them being blown over the cliffs.” ...more

The weddings.

We were wed nine months apart.  Same church.Same minister.Same hall.Same food.Same DJ.Same relatives.Some of the same friends. Mine was first.It was a fall wedding.Black and white.  Elegant.  Classy. Her’s, was the following spring.Floral.  Purple and pink.  Gorgeous.  Romantic.  Our dresses were completely different. She fit straight from the rack and looked beautiful....more

When Camping

Ignore the cold (HA) by taking a long walk through the colored palates of the season, and ignore the whine of children who stayed up late eating too many s'mores and "HATE" sleeping bags (unless they are in yours with you).Find a quiet spot and get LOUD with giggles- despite yourself.Continue reading post...more

Apple Picking!

One of my favorite fall family activities is apple picking! This year we went twice, once early on in the season at the beginning of September and then again today.Today was even better because it was FREE!Smolak Farms in North Andover, MA had such a great crop this year that they opened up their apple orchard for FREE picking today (11/2) and tomorrow (11/3) from 9-4....more

Not Your Average 25 Year old

Not your average 25 year old.....more

The 5 Stages of Halloween Fun

 Halloween was meant to be fun. But, I think there is an evolution that happens in your life from the time you first discover what it is even all about, to the time you become a parent and it is all of a sudden your job to make sure your kids’ Halloween wishes come true. Halloween changes over time as you age. And, while there is fun to be had in every stage, everything changes when you become a parent....more