5 Great Tips for Summer Photos

I don't know about all of you, but I'm definitely taking photos of Monkey Boy and Turtle Boy all the time. I try to get them doing things that are cute or funny, but also I love a good photo of them just being themselves. Apparently, Monkey Boy loves it too, because he often will say "Can I take a picture?" or "Momma, can you take of picture of me/us?". More often than not, I'll take the picture (or 12, ha!). And although I understand some very basic things when it comes to photography, I'm also trying to learn so much more....more

Smells, View, Roads, and My Favorite People

There's beauty all around us.Green leaves on trees.Open roads.Sunshine. Feeling the breeze.Together as a family.Just watching the scenery.The scent of hot coffee.The smell of wildflowers.And freshly cut grass....more

Goals for June 2016

I've decided to start writing out my goals in a more direct manner. I love to-do lists and the jolt I get every time I cross something off the list. Yet, I also find that I'll pull myself in a million different directions with seemingly no actual direction or course, mostly because I don't completely finish one thing before starting another. Before I became a mom, I didn't have this many issues with creating and striving towards goals. Then again, of course, I only had myself and work to focus on....more

Hand Me Down Healthy

Society passes around lots of advice on how to be healthy. Eat less, but not too little. Move more, but not too much. Not to mention counting - calories, pounds and time on the stationary bike.  ...more

The Dead Place


Fact: My Empty Uterus Does Not Define My Self-Worth

My husband and I had almost been married two years when I finally stopped letting the fact that we didn’t have kids yet get to me. After hundreds of questions, people telling us that they were pregnant before they told anyone else (I started to think this was some sick joke), and many tears I finally overcame the feelings and self-doubt I had been dealing with for longer than I can remember. Here are nine things I realized when I stopped letting my empty uterus define my self-worth: ...more
So what if you don't ever have kids?  Would your life end?  Would your husband divorce you?  ...more


My grandmother passed away 11 years ago yesterday. It simultaneously feels like yesterday and a hundred years ago. Life is several different seasons. The season I was in 11 years ago was a dark one- in a tiny apartment and a toxic relationship and a job I didn't really care for and losing the person who always saw the light in me. New Years has always been a little bittersweet and disappointing. Even in the years of obligatory clubbing all dressed up. (Especially in the years of obligatory clubbing all dressed up.) This season is a new one. A hard one. A joyous one....more


QUEENS, NEW YORKMy knees don’t work very well anymore.  Neither does my back, or any other part of my body, for that matter....more

Buyer and Seller Beware!

Shopping on Craigslist should come with a “Buyer and Seller Beware!” warning.  Or does it, already?  Maybe now that I’m writing this I should go back to make sure I didn’t miss something.  I sometimes do that…...more

Nothing is Fair

First of all I like to wish all the mothers a wonderful day. At present moment Murphy my dear hubby is the chief bottle washer. And I bring home the bacon.So we decided he should celebrate mothers day and I should celebrate fathers day.My daughter in law Molly is her first mothers day. Thursday I bought some teas from our new local TEA SHOP and mail it. Hope she got them Saturday....more