A Chance Meeting Brings Peace To Another

Yesterday I went out despite my own inner best advice with this ongoing interruption in my health.  I view colds, flu and viruses as an interruption to our health.  A time when something greater wants us to be silent to listen.  I don't view it as an illness.  As I was walking a cafe on my way to work I saw a woman with the kindest face and she was crying.  As women we can usually sense when someone is delusional or like something is really wrong.  I walked over to her and asked if she was okay.  She was well dressed.  She said no....more

The Unexpected Challenges of a Paraguayan Newcomer

Just over two years ago, my husband and I had the crazy idea of moving our family many kilometers and time zones away, to the little known country of Paraguay. We had always desired the experience of living a few years abroad, learning another language, and getting some more travelling under our belts....more

Remembering My Mother

My mother was very complicated. I can't remember ever being hugged by her. She never said "I love you" or told me I was pretty. She was strict and I was afraid to upset her because she scared me. I can't remember her tucking me in bed or kissing me goodnight....more

Confessions of a Christmas Fraud

I am a Christmas fraud and I don’t know how to tell my children....more

5 Ways To Deepen Your Kids' Christmas

Do you get frustrated with your kids over focus on stuff at Christmas? Having children deeply affected how I think about Christmas. During my son’s first Christmas, I realized that he was going to get a lot of stuff. He was the first grandkid on both sides and adored by so many aunts and uncles. So “lots of stuff” was just a holiday fact. So if I wasn't going to control how much stuff he got, I wanted to spend more time shaping his view of Christmas. I wanted him to enjoy Christmas not just presents. I wanted him to have a deeper view of what we were celebrating. ...more
It's not easy to simplify in our culture and I applaud your intention. This year the Advent ...more

The Wizard of Loneliness

I have a new book available, The Wizard of Loneliness. It is a deeply personal and indepth look at the humble beginnings of my spiritual journey. It is my gift to you for the holidays....more

Day 27 NaBloPoMo; I don't shop on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an American Holiday.  It is about the only holiday that includes everyone.  EVERYONE.   Thanksgiving calls for unity in taking one day to be thankful.  There is no exception.  There is no, "It's not fair."  Thanksgiving isn't, "just for those people and not me."  ...more

Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday

On Tuesday, hubby and the eldest went down to Massachusetts to pick up my mother for a week long, Thanksgiving visit. Yesterday, we all stayed at home and watched the Nor'easter turn our yard into a winter wonderland. Just after dinner, the power went out. Shortly after, our landlords started the generator, so our heat, lights, and refrigerator all worked. Slight downside - our stove (since the power is 220, not 110) isn't on the generator....more


Today is day 27 of the NaBloPoMo November challenge and it is also Thanksgiving Day here in the United States.  Much of my day will be spent in the kitchen preparing our Thanksgiving Feast.Today I am thankful for:1) My husband who is willing to help in the kitchen2) All of the good food we are going to eat.3)  All of the wonderful new friends and ideas I have found on the web and on Facebook....more