Lice, Ugh

I’ve had lice as an adult three times, in three countries. I hate to brag but it’s the truth.Maybe I shouldn’t admit this so readily but I’m sharing with you now so that if you ever contract lice, you will know, I feel your pain. I’m well-acquainted with your scratchy village. When you, literally, get the itch, you can call me and I will comfort you. And then I’ll submerge myself in tea tree oil in case the vermin can spread via phone waves....more

Meal Planning 101

Are you the kind of person that likes to plan your meals for the week?Or are you the type who waits until dinner time, staring aimlessly into your refrigerator and cupboards, to see what you can make with a jar of crunchy peanut butter and bread crumbs in 10 minutes. And then orders takeout pizza.As for me, I like to have a plan of what I’m making for dinner. I also have a plan when I go into the store so I’m in and then I’m out.Mainly because if I wander the aisles aimlessly, I usually end up throwing items in my cart that I didn’t even know I needed and spending way more than I had originally planned....more

10 Favorite Baby Items for 0-6 Months

Staying at home with baby E is a completely different experience than it was with the girls. Both girls went to daycare five days a week while the Husband and I worked. Even though our house was full of baby gear, we really didn’t need much. But having the little one home with me all the time means we actually use a lot more of the stuff that we kept over the years. And after three kids I’ve figured out the 10 things that are really my favorite baby items for those first 6 months....more

Fresh Strawberry Pie

I have been wanting to make a Strawberry Pie ever since I saw strawberries reappearing in the stores again.This year I have seen the biggest, most luscious, red strawberries and they have been screaming out to me to put them in a pie crust!Just look at these big, ripe strawberries!And not just any pie crust, but a homemade whole wheat pie crust!Yes, I made a homemade pie crust for this Strawberry Pie using white whole wheat flour (wwwf)....more

Learning: My Child & Learning Differences

Learning - How Our School AddressedLearning- When I realized my daughter required additional support in school, I knew it was time to work on changing to a school district that supported her needs.   I had to let go of preconceived ideas of what was involved if my child required an IEP(Individual Education Plan).  When my son was in school and was tested to see if one was required I was somewhat offended.  I really thought he was being singled out because he was the only brown face in his class....more

What a Pregnant Woman should Know About New Born Baby Care?

Seven Things about Baby Care that You should Learn While You are Pregnant ...more
Nice information, really all these basics should be known before baby's birth.more

Family Camping: Where The Heck Do I Start?

My Sister and I Hail from Different Planets

About a week ago, my wife and I had dinner with my sister....more

Why Am I Thinking Maybe Another Baby (Despite Infertility)?

Will you have more children? I have been getting this question a lot lately. I don't blame anyone for asking (even my mother-in-law). It took about five years to conceive my daughter, K. She is now almost two years old. I will be 35 this year (35 is the age when you are considered a pregnant senior citizen by the medical powers that be.) ...more
SicilianQueen84 Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had several eggs, but only two that made it ...more

Happily Ever After

    Packing up my sister's bedroom and leaving it behind was one of the hardest things we've ever done as a family, when my parents moved.  ...more