My New Response to "I Don't Know How You Do It"

This was a tough week at our house. It was full of soccer try outs, school assignments, work deadlines, business travel, extracurricular activities and various meetings....more

To the normal mother.....

I get asked almost weekly how I do it all? How I handle the pressures of raising 4 little boys? How I am a supermom? I really honestly feel like people think that we are perfect. That my house is spotless and we go through the day with no yelling and end the night singing kumbaya around a fire roasting marshmallows (organic if that is possible because we would never feed our kids junk, geesh) then we all tuck into bed and sleep a full nights sleep with no interruptions and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to take on a full day! Rinse, lather, repeat....more

11 Dirty little secrets about being a mother. (The ones no one ever tells you about.)

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.comWhen you leave the hospital with your new baby, you’re given a bunch of forms, some diaper coupons and information on formula choices. The one thing you’re not provided with is a manual on how to be a mother.The following 11 secrets are what I imagine the middle section of that unwritten book should contain.1. You will screw up sometimes....more

Mother's Day, and Every Day

I hope all of the mothers out there had a lovely Mother's Day, as well as all of you mother-figures, those kind souls not bound by blood who take the time to be a force of love and support to us when we need it. And even when we don't need it. Thank you especially for being there when we don't think we need you but we really do. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by these types. I have a mother, a stepmother, a mother-in-law (despite my divorce, she is amazing and I am keeping her), as well as a variety of women I have collected over the years who are my back-up moms....more

Motherhood Unlimited

What is motherhood? Motherhood is not limited to only those who have given birth. Motherhood includes even those who are Aunts, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Motherlike Figures, Adoptive Mother, Foster Mother, etc. It is loving a child with care. It is thinking of someone else besides yourself. It is the joy you feel when looking into your child's face. It is the pride of your baby's first step. It is that feeling when you leave your baby at daycare for the first time or first day of school. It is warmth in your heart when your child is able to form the words I Love You....more

You are my bucket list

There cannot be a Mother’s Day without the grunt work of raising children. Obviously. I’ve written quite a bit about this grunt work and how much I want a break from it for Mother’s Day....more

5 Tips for a Restorative Family Weekend

Remember the first time you went on vacation after you had become a parent? You expected vacation to feel like it did when you were just a couple - relaxing, restorative, and fun.  Back in the day, you wouldn't want the vacation to end - you never wanted to have to return to work!...more

How Can We Stay Calm When Our Children Don't Listen To Us?

“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others”- Buddha ...more

Good Morning, Sunshine

 4:32 AM Loud Child: Mom, I have tuh pee! Mom: Uh huh…go ahead…I’m listening…hurry up and come back…*groan* Loud Child: Mom, can I have some PBS and some juice? ...more

Honesty. In life and death.

“Mom?”“Hi, honey.”“Mom, I have to tell you something.”“Ok.”She held my hand and smiled at me.“Mom, is it hard for you to concentrate?”“I don’t know.”She frowned.  ...more