Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club~ Day Excursion in Cozumel Mexico!

Cruise Excursion~ All Inclusive, Beach Day Fun ...more


And just like that she is 2 months old!  ...more

2016 One Word: Intention

So, I might be a but late in getting my one word for 2016 posted, but some things are better late than never, right? Besides, as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm getting back into blogging slowly. Afterall, I do have a (not so wee) 2 month old, as well as my bubbly 2 and a half year old. So, I'm still in some ways getting the hang of this parenting 2 children thing....more

Fun Ways for Kids to Develop Through Play

One of my favorite activities I enjoy doing with my kids is playtime....more

This one is for you

Hey you, yea you.  I know that you have had a rough week.  Things have been hard and we are miles apart.  I can’t be at your side like I always want to be.  Instead we have had to settle for phone calls and texts.  Unfortunately most of the messages this week haven’t been happy.My heart is heavy for you, my prayers and love are with you.  Given the chance my arms will be around you soon.  ...more

Ultimate Grandparenting the Boomer Way

I'm a proud Boomer grandparent and I can tell you that grandparenting has changed! We Boomer grandparents take grandparenting very seriously. Indeed! We grandparent like it's an extreme sport. I call it...Ultimate Grandparenting!...more
Tuesdays are "Theme Days" with my 5-year-old granddaughter.  We pick a theme and build a day ...more

Happy Holidaze! From Grinch To Grateful

 I've begun to realize that the week before Christmas, for me, is very similar to finals week in college. There is an abundance of very late nights, lots of carbs, frequent appearances of a very grubby sweatshirt, a few tears, and the feeling of "if I just keep pushing.... it'll all be OVER soon.."It's easy for me to lose the true meaning of the holiday in the midst of the bargain shopping, the lists, the added holiday school events, and the wrapping. Oh Lord, the WRAPPING. So much wrapping....more

When Santa Doesn't Come Down Your Chimney

  I know, I know...the great Santa debate. Spare us all, right?  ...more

faded photographs

I've been thinking a lot about family this week. My Dad passed away 15 years ago yesterday and Mom has been gone nearly 8 years. Oh, how those two loved Christmas. Which explains why they've been so much on my mind lately, and why I managed to lose myself the other night in  the treasure trove of photos they collected during 50 years of marriage. A few are displayed in albums, carefully captioned and dated, but many more were just tucked into folders, boxes, and envelopes and eventually forgotten. Smiling strangers, caught in the act of...? If only they could talk!...more

"There is no friend like a sister"

“Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.”- Carol Saline...more