Sibling Rivalry is Never Dead

One of my favorite childhood memories is when my brother decided to drag me across the carpeted gymnasium at church in front of his friends. That was fun. Kidding. That was horrible, and I had the carpet burns to prove it. But, I get it, he was trying to be manly at the time…or something.  Being 5 years my senior, there really wasn’t much rivalry there. No, it was more of a dictatorship. Older brother always wins against 3 younger sisters....more

5 Tips On How To Be Your Own Bestfriend

Girlfriends for life! ...more

Let The Words Fall Out - Jealousy

Say what you wanna sayAnd let the words fall outHonestly I wanna see you be brave...more

Anytime This Week and My Thoughts

Tuesday.December 3, 2013. It's 10:20am here in the Philippines.I had my hopefully-last-check-up appointment with my OBgyn yesterday, December 4,2013. She wrote: FOR ADMISSION ANYTIME in my Pregnancy/Motherhood Notebook. That means within the week my second baby will come out and welcome the world. My due date is on December 8, 2013....more

The Apology: The Presence Of Its Absence

"It's impossible to count the number of words in a language, because it's so hard to decide what actually counts as a word. Is dog one word, or two (a noun meaning 'a kind of animal', and a verb meaning 'to follow persistently')? If we count it as two, then do we count inflections separately too (e.g. dogs = plural noun, dogs = present tense of the verb). Is dog-tired a word, or just two other words joined together?...more

Life can be funny sometimes … especially when there's nothing to laugh about

 A beautiful calm sunny day ...more

The ONE best thing to be thankful for

It’s a time to be thankful.  Yes, in spite of your debt, medical issues, job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, addiction – you can be thankful if for no other reason than that you woke up this morning and lived to see another day.  Read more #NaBloPoMo Day 28...more

On being full of thankful.

A few days ago someone posted, "What are you thankful for this week?"and my first thought was...nothing special. WHAT?! NOTHING SPECIAL?! What I mean is, there was nothing different about my level of thankfulness.Every single morning that I open my eyes, I am thankful.For the sunshine or the rain.For my kids.For coffee.For family and friends, and the love and support they give so generously.For love and forgiveness.For the kindness of strangers....more

How to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving, and Have Fun Too (Really!)

The Family Eats Four Pillars  (Planning, Purchasing, Preparing, and Partaking) are important to follow on a daily basis, but during holiday time, it is even more important. Image: timsackton via Flickr ...more
BlogHer I know I'm not ready. Luckily it's not at my place this year!more

Life's Been Good So Far

In honor of hubby's b-day, and after his nasal impersonation of Joe Walsh, which was way too early on a Sunday morning I might add, is today's Music Monday!  Today, Life's Been Good. ...more