Finding the Peace within

Early morning after a quick breakfast snack we climb into our Land Rover for our morning Safari.  What will we find today?  What adventure will cross our path?  The ranger and tracker are alert for any animal tracks and signs of animals nearby.  Sounds of crackles and squeaks suddenly permeate the still morning and the ranger picks up the radio.  There is something ahead....more

Downsizing Grandma's Craft Room

We do not want our children to have to empty our home and deal with their grief at the same time so we are down sizing ourselves.  Today's post is on Downsizing Grandma's Craft RoomClick here to read ...more

As it was in the beginning

I can recall it vividly. My mom taking us to the tailor to measure us for the Christmas clothes . For the years she bought ready made clothes, she only looked at us and knew what to buy. I used to think she was a magician but now I know it is the maternal instincts. You simply know what will fit your daughter when you see it. We hardly followed her to the market because she had her way of measuring everything. Even till now, she uses the broom stick to measure the feet of her grandchildren when she wants to treat them to a new pair of shoe....more

Deal of the Century

SAN JOSÉMy sister has owned her home for several years (well, the bank owns it, but she thinks she owns it because she pays a mortgage), but this was my first visit.  She moves around so much that I have been to a number of her residences, and even lived in one for a while....more

Every Family Needs Them

The last few days been some what busy, and today we had a birthday party for my Uncle Melvin turn 90 on Monday.They also have a first cousin who just turn 85 or 86. Todd. Since we were celebrating Uncle Melvin thought we would celebrate Todd birthday.Todd two daughters and grand daughter drove up from the north side of Spokane....more

traditionally untraditional. part two. OR why my son shouldn't be allowed to eat the rum cake.

The most bizarre of the traditionally untraditional had to be our dinner conversation. Did we share all the things for which we are thankful?  No. Did we discuss politics- Hillary, the Donald, immigration, or the economy?  Thank heavens, no. Was there mention of deflated footballs, California wildfires or Syrian refugees? A discussion of the year’s best books or most disappointing movies? No. No. No. No. No.  ...more
Laughing, as always, at your tale. Love the "Hi, Elvis." Our traditional Thanksgiving game is: ...more

National Adoption Month

National Adoption Day is officially November 21st. Some of you may know that I was adopted when I was around 8 months old. I came to the land of the free, home of the brave courtesy of United Airlines on April 11, 1987. Before that, I lived in a foster home; the only remembrance of that time, one photo of an Asian lady holding me.  ...more

One Mom's Honest Reaction to Her Son Coming Out as Gay

Originally written on October 7, 2015. I had no answer to the question. I didn't think I'd need one. So let's backtrack a little bit: A little over 15 years ago, our first, beautiful baby boy was born. We couldn't wait for him to talk. Then when he could talk, we couldn't wait for him to shut up (parents of talkative kids, you KNOW what I mean. I love him dearly, but omgwouldyoupleasebequietforfiveminutes instead of tellingthecashieryourlifestory). ...more
I appreciate your honesty, and your effort to shift your own worldview. I have a son and a ...more