Going for Broke

I need to write. If no one ever reads it, thats fine. Its how I stay balanced. Its how I sort out my thoughts. I need to see the big picture laid out in front of me. The process is this: I sit, I think, I pray, I come empty. Thats my secret for every thing, COME EMPTY. If I truly choose to be a vessel, a channel for the Lord to work then I need less of me and more room for Him to fill. So I wait and let Him show up, and He always does. It is going on midnight. It is quiet....more

The Inheritance

Family and Dysfunction

9 Family Road Trip "Must Haves"

Our family has spent the past three months slow traveling around the Western U.S. in our trusty (and jam-packed) Honda Pilot. During that time, I estimate that we've spent well over 100 hours in the car with our children, including several 8-10 hour driving stints. Miraculously, the kids now think of four or five hours in the car as no big deal....more

Lesson #1: Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators

                        Image Credit:  Author...more
Beautiful! The haters only sound louder. They are actually smaller and less influential. So so ...more

The Luckiest Family in the World

The other night my family sat around the dinner table saying grace. We had enjoyed a lovely, if unremarkable, summer day.On behalf of the family, I gave thanks for our food.For each other.For sunshine.For my son's eye healing.For friends....more

I Don't Have a Rainbow Thing

I have a secret. It's the reason I blur my pictures and give my kids cute names like Punkgirl (12), Happyboy (10), and Rose (7 months), and it's the reason my husband is Coffeeguy and I am the Stuck At Home Mom. It's not because I think I'll suddenly break out as a writer and have 50,000 new fans and have to hide from the paparazzi, but rather because I need to vent sometimes and I don't want to share the secrets of my loved ones without some anonymity for them. My daughter is a lesbian. My son likes to wear girls' clothes. And my husband is a full-blown cross-dresser....more
Interestingly enough, my son is not transgender. He simply likes to wear "girl's" ...more

A Sunday of Simple Pleasures

Though I didn't get to blogging during the week, it was one full of recovering (working over 30 hrs in 3 days with the Bele Chere Festival going on), planning, month end close and working. Today it occurred to me that I really should take at least one day, or even just part of the day, to enjoy the simple pleasures. Although life changes, and there are difficult times, it is these simple pleasure that remind us what is important. ...more

The Quiet

Mom is trying to be a Writer.So we’re being quiet and leaving her alone.As we tip toe stomp foot into the kitchen searching for cookies; searching searching till Mom asks What are you looking for? and we say Cookies and she says They’re in the cupboard drawer labeled cookies and we shrug and say That’s weird and stomp foot back upstairs....more

Rediscover The First Coast of Florida

Rediscover The First Coast of FloridaBy Margie Jordan | Jordan Executive Travel Servicehttp://wobcmagazine.com/6692/41750/a/rediscover-the-first-coast-of-florida...more