An Unexpected Gift

Ever since I had my first son, I've deliberated with myself and discussed with my husband when it would be a great time to have another baby. He thought three years apart was nice. I wanted my kids to be closer in age. Many times, I recall the years spent with my younger brother. Bathing together. Playing together. We shared a room for many years. My brother and I are exactly 12 months apart, though. I knew that was pretty close. Time came and went....more

The wedding guests.

My mother in law to be was coming to Ontario for our wedding.Her sister and husband were coming from Dundee, Scotland as well.They were all staying at his house for two weeks.One week prior and one week post wedding. We picked them up at the airport.  ...more
melanie jean juneau (Why do you even keep commenting when I have not replied or so it would ...more

The slip.

Thanks for that Melanie. It means a lot coming from you. Your writing is at a level I aspire ...more

Win a Beautiful Box of Nature from Sequoia National forest!

Karen Homeschooling mom on the loose, creator of natural body products, writer Kartwheels Homeschooling & Kid's Projects ...more

Are They For Us Or Against Us

As a mother of daughters, I felt that there were many more things to teach them besides the usual be nice; use your manners; be fair, honest, loyal; blahblahblah—the common things everyone teaches their children. When raising daughters, there are added lessons to be taught....more

The guinea pig.

My daughter wanted to get a guinea pig.We already had Max, our cat.  I was against the idea.I was afraid there would be a cat mouse (pig) issue. Her Dad has never been able to say no to her.He was supportive of the idea....more
Ha! I would go get the babies and bring them to our bedlmore

Share Your World – 2013 Week 45

What was the most important event in your life last week?Last week involved a series of hospital and doctor visits for my entire family, including me. But, I think the most important one was my dad's successful recover from his lung biopsy.  The area where they punctured his lung is still tender, but he is in good spirits....more

Home for the Holidays

It has been 19 years since I last celebrated Christmas with my family on Guam. So much time has passed, recalling holiday celebrations from childhood by memory is difficult without visual aids or stories shared by my sister, Melissa.Why, you may ask, has it been so long? That’s a good question....more

Where did Christmas go? Why didn't I see it leave?

The kids and I just watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Its one of my favorite movies.  Jim Carrey does a great job being Grinchy.  He's mean, vile, stinky, and lacks the Christmas spirit completely.  I mean he eats glass and his dirty socks run away from him.  He steals presents, trees, and even the last can Who Hash....more

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Paths Read More

 Across the Bored, has a 14 day Two Cents Tuesday challenge. The theme this go around is PATHS.  Everyone today seems to be going somewhere in a hurry – “Where do the paths lead in your world?” ...more