"Mummy, Is Daddy Going To Die?"

“I’m dying. I need Di-gel, Maalox, Imodium, get me something.” My husband, Henry, cried from behind the bathroom door.  I scurried from the kitchen to the bathroom and back again, as any good wife would, fulfilling his latest request. “I’m going to die. Here, today… in this room.” Henry hollered.From the smell, something already had.Ring… Ring… I glanced at caller ID before picking up, and grinned....more

10 Tips for stress free days

Creating normalcy and balance is a really unpredictable life can be hard.  Add other humans that are you responsible for life can quickly become chaotic.  Whether you have a spouse, children, parents or even friends that you are responsible for – avoiding doing life isn’t possible.  Here are my tips of the trade for making the most of your time with loved ones....more

"I Hate You"

“I hate you.” Gina screamed down at me from the top of the stairs in our house. “You’re the worst mother ever.”Irritation raced up my spine. This ten minutes of Hell, dished by my daughter, was beginning to wear. All over a trip to Starbucks with Tommy when she was supposed to be in Algebra class. Skipping school at sixteen. My jaw locked. Yes, the teenaged years raged in full force....more

9/11: Talking with your kids about terrorism

Parents prepare for certain questions when their children begin elementary school.My husband and I were no different, role-playing routines for the inevitable “Where do babies come from?” and “Who is this Santa character?”But, nothing prepared me for a most serious inquiry.“Mommy, do you know what happened on September 11th?”...more

Love Lessons

Today was full of familiar songs, joyful clowns (literally), parish fellowship and an afternoon of witnessing the hands-on caring of people at a funeral home visitation for a church family. It's hard on these kinds of days to be apart from loved ones. I see families assembled. I hear their stories and laughter. I feel the closeness of this space and long for my family, their stories and hearing their laughter. But just yesterday I heard their laughter in my ears.It was just a moment ago....more

Speak Up!

Do you ever feel invisible, ignored, and voiceless?...more

So Much Rain, So Little Play - August 2015

As I look back through the month of August, I notice that we both had a ton going on and also not. Yes, there was quite a bit of rain. Each week in August, we had at least 1-2 days of rain or rainstorms come through. That's not really typical for where we live, but I'll take it. This has meant the temperatures haven't been crazy and when it wasn't raining or threatening to rain the days have really been beautiful....more

Love With All Your Heart

There aren’t a lot of things in life that are free. Things don’t cost anything and that we have an abundant amount of and won’t deplete. Thank goodness, love is one of them.Love with all your heart.Our hearts were made to love.There isn’t a finite source of love. You won’t run out of it and no matter how many people you love, there's always room for more.You can open your heart and love those around you, and still have room to let others in. I promise....more

Back to School Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher

We moved over the summer which meant our son had to switch to a new school.  A move to  a new home and new school at the same time can be a tough transition for anyone, particularly young children.  We wanted to make sure he was as prepared as possible for back to school since everything was going to be completely new to him and one of the ways we knew we could all be better prepared was by asking questions during the school orientation....more

Pregnancy & Baby Talk: Full of Questions

Today has been one of those days, the one where I'm just asking myself all kinds of questions....more