General Hospital, Baking Pies, and Why I Never Made Dean's List

My list of college accomplishments was short. I was guilty of falling in and out of love hard and spending too much time in front of my mirror. I didn't have a clue how to balance a check book or to begin writing a term paper any sooner than the night before it was due.All true. But thanks to my cousin, Kathy, I learned to bake a pie while I was in college.I'm putting that down as my #1 achievement, sad as that may sound to those of you who made Dean's List. I'll own it....more

That Day I Froze And A Discussion On Anatomy

There really is a difference between being an actual parent and just talking about being one. In my case, this became readily apparent when I realized that some of my pre parenting plans of action would be more difficult to follow through on than I anticipated....more

14 Traditions that Seriously need updating.

Tracey Groombridge Writer, Worrier and Warrior. ‘Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat; energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.’Warren BuffettWARNING, this post might just piss most of you right off. That’s because it might challenge your religion, your work, your family, and your social habits. It might just make you question things you hold close to you, or things you have never thought of, but it’s all for good, not evil....more

Mystic, CT: Where to Eat, Stay & Play

Mystic, CT: Where to Eat, Stay & Play Hi friends!  We just got back from a mini vacation to Mystic, CT for my hubby's birthday and we had such a great time!  It's about three hours from us and we timed it right so we hit minimal traffic = happy toddler, happy parents.  There are so many fun things to do that I wanted to share a bit with you! ...more

4 Tips for Letting Your Toddler Help

It was 2:00 on a busy Saturday afternoon, and we had spent the day knee and elbow deep in the mud as we worked to install a new water line to the animal shed. We hadn't even had lunch yet, so I was in the kitchen trying to quickly shred some turkey for sandwiches. As I worked, my daughter pulled up a stool to watch. I felt myself getting annoyed as she inched closer and closer. I was hot, tired, trying to hurry, and I had almost tripped over her several times as I moved about. But, suddenly, oblivious to my frustration, she asked, "Mom, can I help?" ...more
Thank you for sharing. I'm a 43 year old first time mom to a 2 year old toddler who has major ...more

A Side of Paranoia

3:41p.m. I won’t look out the window. He’s only a minute late. I’m not going to look out the window. Everything is fine. It’s only been 1 minute. 60 teeny tiny seconds. Don’t look out the window.3:42p.m. Okay, 2 minutes. He’s 2 minutes late. 2 minutes is not a long time, but just in case… nope. No bus. And there’s usually a car sitting there waiting to pick up one of the kids, but the car isn’t there. Did the bus already go by? No. I didn’t hear the bus. It’s just running late....more

A More Fruitful Life

I enjoy reading posts that speaks to my spirit, So, As I was reading through a book of devotions for LDS youth book, I stopped to read a post titled " A More Fruitful Life"As I read the post, I immediately begin to say to myself, this is exactly how my heart is, and how I think, and how I wish I had a magic wand to cause everyone to have a heart like this because if so, it would make our world a better place to live in. This is how the story goes....more

The Truth About Motherhood

     The dictionary defines a mother as "a female parent; one known for providing care and protection over someone else; a person who expresses maternal affection to others." ...more

My pregnacy of trials and triumphs

Hi there, I Minnie, some of my friends call me Minnie Pearl!(jokingly) I tell them, yes it's great to be a pearl!  I want to take this time to share my one and only pregnancy with everyone just because I feel like it's the right time.  There were times in my life when all of my sisters were having children except for me. I was so upset and so jealous of them and often sad and disappointed and thought I was the black sheep of the family because I was trying and nothing ever happened!...more