Barbarian Hordes? Don't Order Off the Menu

It is always a financial challenge for a family that consumes large quantities of food to eat out. The prices of eating at a restaurant are much higher and the quality of food much lower than what can be prepared at home. Especially if one is used to organic nutrient dense food. It's a stretch to think restaurant dining can be cost effective....more
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Droid Apps for Family Budgeting?

I have found a few apps for the Droid that I really like for personal budgeting. IOU is great for tracking debt, mooLa! is a fantastic check registry, Ultimate Budgets is nice for seeing where I'm spending money, etc. But what I'm really looking for is a FAMILY budgeting app....more

Try Easy Envelope Budget Aid, or EEBA for short.

EEBA has a website, a mobile website and an ...more

What appliances can you not live without?

We have been hanging all of our laundry out to dry ever since June, when we had the unfortunate wet- sneakers- in- the- dryer incident. ...more

I agree with Sassymonkey. Living without a fridge would be such a major ordeal. Right now our ...more

6 great ways to save money for Earth Day

~ Elizabeth Burman, AKA "Almostgotit," blogs at ~ ...more

The recession strategy you may not have thought of

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Valentine's Day Deals

My partner and I spent Saturday morning cutting coupons like the "coupon mom." Our goals: to become more aware, focused and cut our grocery spending in HALF. We started out with a bang until supermarket psychology foiled our plans, once again! Distracted by packaging and placement of products, we rounded out the week in last place with a whopping $300 total! What went wrong? First, we went hungry. Second, we didn't buy around the store sales circular. Last, we threw out our list and kept picking up item after item. ...more

Ten Things I Won't Cut from My Family Budget

Name at least three items you will never cut from your family budget. I'm trying to do that, but my guilt reflex makes me ask, "How can I name what not to cut from a family budget when there are people who have less than I do who must slash items such as treatment for a special needs child?" Many Americans no longer have choices about what to cut and what to keep. ...more

I love this post because you share about what you refuse to cut in terms of what the money ...more

Spending Money After Having Kids

When Josh and I got engaged, we drew up a Tenaim, which is a Jewish engagement contract. In the old days, it spoke about the dowry and the date of the wedding and what happens if we decided to break off the engagement. Our Tenaim contained all of the things that were important to us at the time--all of our intentions for the marriage. ...more

While having our daughter did certainly change the way my husband and I view money, I think a ...more

Families and The Economic Crisis: What's Cut from Your Family Budget?

Lately, I've taken out a sheet of paper to list objects, circumstances, and people for which I'm grateful, not necessarily in that order. I have to do that because sometimes my moments as a single mother of two (one teen and one adult who still lives at home), a caregiver to elderly parents who live with me, and as a person who expects more of herself and life, I get edgy and properly pissed. ...more

I like what you said about hoping we move away from consumerism and keeping up with the ...more