I hated my nose

I hated my nose. It was small, flat, wide and people would often tell me it was "cute". I hated it when people said that, or would draw attention to it. It is a Filipino nose, inherited from my Dad's side of the family - that distinctive nose that so many have and makes us easily recognizable when you know what to look for.  ...more

Call Me Old - Fashioned...

Do you remember the days at the supper table? The phone would ring and nobody would answer it because you were eating. It didn't matter what who was calling because it had to wait. Meal Time was family time regardless if you were crying over meatloaf and canned peas... We always seem to be wired no matter where we go or what we do. It has become a part of our life. But isn't there a time when we need to take a break from the connectivity. Isn't supper time family time? ...more
@Jane Miller HaHA! I think she calls because she misses us! But will never admit it!more

Momspotting: Hearing From the Twitterverse

This week, I thought it would be cool to showcase the #momspotting tweets from "unofficial" momspotters. ...more

Thanks for the mention! And I got the 3rd & 4th week of VBS lined up ...more

Momspotting: Tech Can't Replace the Face-to-face

Sometimes, even the uber-techy just want to reach out and touch someone.Sometimes I do wonder if we are so busy talking to each other with our fingers that we have completely forgotten that we're in public.Especially when you need a break, it's good to set everything aside and just enjoy family and friends....more

I get very annoyed with distractions and am a uber-focus person. So I like being alone, very ...more

Momspotting: Dear Product Manager, Can You Make Me THIS?

This week in Momspotting, I noticed some cries for help to the captains of industry.If only. If only.Electrolux? Are you listening?...more

here is the vision:

Built in to an attractive watch/bracelet are a series of ...more

This Week in Momspotting: Memes, Memes, Baby

For the past few months, our 21 momspotters have been participating in BlogHer’s Family Connections citizen journalism project. Why are we doing this? We're interested in how normal moms (or as normal as we bloggers can be) use technology to interact with their families and how moms protect their kids who are navigating a newly digital world. The momspotters tweet a few times a day with the #momspotting hashtag about how they use technology in their day-to-day parenting lives and carry on rolicking conversations about everything from texting while driving to self-censorship in the Family Connections forum. We hope you'll join in, too! Just ask a question or comment in the forum or tweet with the #momspotting hashtag to participate. ...more

What the Heck is a Momspotter?

I saw a lot of tweets over the weekend asking "what the heck is this momspotting thing?" People, I'm here to help. ...more

Hi again! I tried tweeting a couple, but I'm not sure if I did it right. These were my tweets ...more

How do you protect your kids online?

When we first started chatting about covering the issue of online safety, it was like stepping into the WABAC Machine. [Fellow Mr. Peabody addicts, watch here] ...more

Parental controls are easy to set up on a Windows PC, as well.  You can get to Parental ...more

Teaching Kids to Navigate Angry Tweets and Hoaxes with Good Digital Citizenship

I started this post with the intention to riff off a terrific column by Kristy Campbell at Mommytracked, I've Turned My Kids Into Addicts, about her strategy for weaning her family away from excessive digital dependence. Given what I have already shared with everyone about my family's digital addictions, it seemed like a good idea whose time had come....more

No worries about the rant. I am going to get to the issue of marketing to kids in an upcoming ...more

Doug’s Digital World

As I noted in last week's post, I’m pretty geeky, especially when it comes to gadgets. So is my husband. It should come as no surprise then, that our son was clamoring to use the computer as soon as he could operate a keyboard. He had his very own computer at the age of three, courtesy of my hardware geek brother, and we cycled through all the age-appropriate computer games. I’ll do an inventory here at some point of our favorites; some are still available and well worth the money....more

I am so loving this entire exchange!! All of the different viewpoints and approaches to ...more