Using Filippo Berio's Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Create Healthy Twists of Traditional Comfort Foods

For the past six months, I ate anything and everything, mostly out of convenience. As a result,  I felt sluggish,  moody and less alert.  So two weeks ago, I made the choice to eat healthier and have been swapping full-fat ingredients with lower fat alternatives. I've been using extra virgin olive oil as a substitute for butter, and recently tried the Fillipo Berio brand....more

15 Quick and Healthy Summer Meals

Are you looking forward to summer? (I sure am!) And do you feel like you really need some time to relax and unwind? (I definitely do!) Then you're undoubtedly looking for ways to simplify your life over the next two or three months. And that probably means you're looking for ways to save time and energy on menu planning, food prep, and cooking....more
triciakj Thanks so much! I hope you'll like them. I am all about saving time and energy in the ...more

Six Days Meal Planner for Family Dinners

The holidays of my kids are over and they are ready to go to school. I knew the month of September was going to be very hectic for me. Their curriculum and other school activities are gearing up for a good start. Everyone in my family is trying to get into the routine after enjoying the slow months of summer holidays.For me being a working mom it’s tough to plan my dinner every night as most of my time goes off with my kids. They need their mother to settle down many things for finishing up their school assignments and much more....more

Dear family, the takeout menus are on the fridge

I experienced a sense of relief recently when a study was released that indicated sitting down as a family for home-cooked meals may not be an absolute necessity if you ...more

What's For Dinner?

Everyday around four in the afternoon, I text my husband. "What do you want for dinner?" "idk" "What are you in the mood for?" "idk. Whatever you want is fine."...more

St. Patrick's Day is over, but Ireland, you are still on my mind

Pop-Pop Regan was a chemist before he practiced law; he said he knew what alcohol did to brain cells, so he didn’t drink.  He was a tee-totaling leprechaun of a man.  He had shelves upon shelves of books, all annotated so universally, it looked as if he’d underlined every line he read.  Squirreled-away butterscotches were his gold coins.  He had his own special charm: he named each dog he owned, “Ace,” and before every dinner, he said an Irish grace. Our family would be just about ready to dive into a holiday meal, when someone—an aunt, an uncle, my dad—would beg...more

Family Dinners and Small Kids

I was moved by this question on Casual Kitchen - Ask CK: Finding Time to Cook…With Small Children. ...more
Luckily I am a work-from-home-mom BUT squeezing in healthy dinners is still a challenge. I ...more

The Dinner Table Battle: When Kids Won't Eat What Mom Cooks

How do I get my whole family to eat what I serve for dinner?photocredit...more

Where Has The Family Dinner Gone?

Why have families gotten away from eating dinner together these days? The reasons are plentiful: lots of after school activities, both parents working longer hours and having longer commutes, kids would rather eat in front of the computer/game console/TV, no one having the time to actually prepare the meal and the list could go on and on....more
We eat together every night --  minus my husband every third day on his fire shift day. However, ...more

Family Dinner Travels through Northern Italy

As long as we’re here in Northern Italy, let’s stay another week.  Primarily because there are so many wonderful foods and recipes to share from this region. Risotta is a northern Italian staple and it’s a staple in my house as well. You can add just about anything to risotto but this combination is one of my favorites.Risotto...more