Stuffed Bell Peppers

This weekend we did a bunch of cooking, baking and grilling. There wasn't one break in my kitchen. Bill was either marinating steak for the bobs or I was baking a cake or frying some bacon. Put it this way, I was Julia Child's and Bill was Guy Fieri. Just without the accent and the spiked bleach blonde hair. Saturday night I wanted to cook another dish I had never done before. I searched Pinterest and came across a stuffed green bell pepper recipe. And instead of going by that recipe, I would make a recipe of my own. It just gave me an idea of what I should do. ...more

Lovely, lively Ghing

 IF ever there was a game of hide and seek, Ghing Voght would be an easy target.There are only two places you can find Ghing Voght; it’s either at the mall or at the kitchen. Malls and kitchens give her a high and lowers her stress at the same time....more

The Worst Easter Cake Ever

I couldn’t get a clear photo of this advertisement, because I was laughing so hard. I think this may be the worst Easter cake ever. ...more

Ravioli with Chicken and Jerk Alfredo Sauce

 This pasta recipe was inspired by one of my husband’s signature dishes. Although I do most of the cooking in my home, my husband has a few recipes that are considered his specialties....more

Kid Approved: Beef Curly Noodle Skillet Dinner

Kid-Approved Main DishEvery now and then I find something that my 6-year-old requests seconds on. She actually SITS DOWN and EATS not one, but two, helpings! Tonight I put together a few ingredients that would satisfy the palates of young and adult alike. The recipe is anything but “fancy” and has just five ingredients including Ramen noodles, ground beef and corn. It is a good solution to night when you need to get a quick meal on the table before heading to the next activity....more

Ed, Ronnie and me

Gone.Vanished.Nothing left.Nothing said.” ― Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains EchoedOVER wine and chicken parmesan and spaghetti we celebrated the life of a dear friend who went home to his creator a week ago.The dinner was an invitation from EJ, the youngest son of the late Ed Lucibello at his pad here in Charlotte, North Carolina this evening....more

Dinners and more

 Man!  Talking of week day dinners. I grew up in a culture where dinners are made of fresh produce every day.  Men work to bring the money and most women stay home to raise their children, cook dinners and just say - be home makers. Most people don't have cars back home or just one car for the whole family.  You go to a super market or those open fresh food markets to buy your produce and meat just enough to cook for a day or two. People use public transportation which is why you can only have so many bags in your hands.  Also you can walk to many stores to do your shopping: no need of a car necessarily since there are stores everywhere.  I guess it's good and bad.  Good may be great because of the fact that you walk everyday and burn calories both ways and bad for the inconvenience of many things - carrying heavy bags, crossing the streets(watching out for crazy drivers), tired feet.  Imagine in the winter!  Or don't imagine since it's scary too.  In my country we don't have the luxury of plowed roads after the snow like here in US.  It's CHAOS!!!  Anyhow, I got a little distracted from my dinner subject I think.  ...more