New "Diet" and a Side of Peppers

New “Diet” and a Side of PeppersPosted on November 3, 2014...more

One Pot Vegetarian Chili Mac

This one pot meal is ready in under 30 minutes and dishes are a distant memory if only for one night. Picture yourself pulling out a 12 inch skillet and placing it on your stovetop. Then you proceed with a couple more steps and in less than half an hour dinner is on the table. Woohoo! ...more

Simple Zucchini Salmon Cakes {gluten-free}

Growing up, I was no fan of salmon. Back then, at our house, salmon meant something from a can with a shaft of spine in the center. Ick.My mother made three salmon dishes that I remember, not at all fondly: Salmon and eggs (I insist you leave a comment if you’ve ever heard of, or eaten, this.), salmon stew and salmon patties. I didn’t eat any of them....more

Go Fish – Farm Raised vs Wild Caught

When it comes to eating healthy it’s important to choose the right foods, such as lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats....more

Persian Meatballs - GONDI

This recipe is so easy, healthy and delicious.  High in protein and low in fat.  Kids love it, too! Click here for the full page: