2011 Ex-plore How You Can Help Eliminate Poverty

  In 2011 Ex-plore how you can help eliminate poverty. “Anyone can make a difference....more

Rules of engagement

What makes a person care about another person? To become engaged with them? What a loaded verb the word engage is? To enter into conflct or battle; to offer; to bind; to deal with especially at length; to pledge oneself; to give attention to something; to come together and interlock; to attract or hold by influence or power;  to begin and carry on an enterprise or activity. There are a lot of emotions in that verb; negative and positive. There is a large amount of energy in that word. ENGAGE. Why do I talk about the word engage?...more

The Annual Christmas Letter

To write or not to write! The annual, end-of-year, sum it all up, this is how we are doing, letter. You throw it in with the Christmas card or it's a Christmas card unto itself. I've seen many versions and have written many types myself.  I like them as I get caught up from people I haven't seen in awhile. You know, girlfriends from college, friends who have moved, relatives who live faraway and even friends who live in the same town you are too busy to see!  We have friends who are so busy with their children that they send out a Valentine Day letters and one sent out a Christmas in July family letter!...more

We should look for a website that does something creative with those old cards. We have an ...more

And then mom went on strike

My daughter is complaining about having to unload the dishwasher. I pointed out that I do all of the laundry and load the dishwasher without complaining. Then my husband piped in that he once complained to his mother and she went on strike. So this question is to all of the moms out there: Have you ever thought about going on strike? Do you think you’d get the desired result? (for me it would be more help)You can join the conversation here....more

Overcoming Inertia

 Get up.  I'm serious, get up right now.  Or, maybe after you finish reading this blog, but certainly after you check your email - wait, what's the New York Times' top story today?  And didn't you want to check that diaper post on that forum?  Plus, there's facebook to update.The internet is fantastic; it puts the world at your fingertips.  The internet is awful; you never have to move again.  An object at rest stays at rest.  We must strive to overcome this inertia.As I type this, my babies are playing in the living room.  I coul...more

Healthy Relationships: Differentiation of Self

Post first appeared on my blog: http://lifetime2love.blogspot.com/2010/10/healthy-relationships-differentiation.html...more
There is a suggestion here that the more you are able to differentiate in relationships, the ...more

When The Caregiver Needs A Caregiver...

 In well over thirty years of nursing, I've witnessed many a change in the Healthcare arena.The obvious changes are still the subject for debate on many political agendas that includes treating patients who cannot affford the cost of much needed medical & healthcare insurances so vital to their recovery. And providing care to those people who just have no healthcare insurance.On the heelsof a dire need to provide cost effective healthcare, comes the stress of elderly people on medicaid & medicare attempting to pay out of pocket for expensive medications not fully covered by their insurance. ...more

I worry about this so much. I work for folks who have the money to pay for around the clock care ...more

Lasting Impression

Last week, my husband and I gave in and bought the babies a pair of bicycles.  For months prior, every place we saw a bike became a 20-minute rest stop for us."Bike!" they'd say.  "Bike!  Mine!  My bike!...more

How to Alienate Friends and Make People

When I first got pregnant, I realized I had no friends with babies.  Now that I have a baby, I sometimes feel like the only people I spend time with are other parents....more

Unconditional love. What the heck is it?

We all want to be loved, but what does that mean? Contrary to popular belief, we cannot control how or what another person feels or thinks about us. So isn't the better question, how may I love others better?Our primal need is to feel love. When you can never be too sure what anyone else is thinking, let alone feeling about you--what about focusing on what you can control. You. Your emotions, your thoughts, and your behaviors. ...more