Mothering in front of one's Mother

Always when I'm with my mom and my kids, I can't help but think, she's watching me. While on the whole I think my mother generally approves of the job I do as a mother, I know what she's thinking: "You talk too much."...more

Visiting the World of Wonderment

With Big Dude working all weekend and the weather outside so iffy, I asked Little Dude if he would like to go see Toy Story 3....more


we have all at one point or another had to "divorce" our best friend, for me that occassion happened about two months ago. the things that drew me to her ended up being the things that inevitably caused me to seperate myself from her. we had known eachother when we worked in the same place 18 years ago and though i thought she was annoying at first it was 10 years later that we actually crossed paths again. we had both gone through some things that put us in the same anger management class, domestic violence being the common issue....more

When Grammie is in Charge

My son and daughter-in-law went on a getaway to a wedding across the country. Since I live on their same block they asked if I could stay with my three adorable grandchildren, twin boys 5 1/2 and a three year old girl. Sure I said. It is a no rules 4 day extravaganza here in their home. There are only grammie rules-extra treats, staying up as late as they can (which is not past around 9pm) and staying in our jammies and watching TV and Video or just playing Wii. ...more

Does Breastfeeding Cause Divorce?

Admittedly, most talk of the health care bill and the state of medical care in our country causes my eyes to glaze over. (Apologies to my many friends who are talented, valuable doctors.) But this spring, new research was released with quite a splash, catching my attention. ...more
I see what you're saying, but I think every woman is different.  I breastfed my first for 18 ...more

Remembering My Every Day Mom

I have memories like snapshots of fun times with my mom. But it's those every day sort of events that have been a little fuzzy for me....more

Sins of the Mother: Watching a Fellow Blogger's Writing Dreams Come True

With little risk of being wrong, I'll say, "Most women have an issue with their mothers." They may not have a big Oprah-show-worthy issue with Mom, maybe not even a priest or therapist-worthy issue, possibly not even a sleepless-night irritation, but somewhere deep in her soul, a woman has some kind of matter about mother that pricks her with questions: What does my mother's womanhood teach me or not teach me, and what does my mother's womanhood say about my womanhood? ...more

Yay!! One more through the gates of authorship. Always a thrill to see hard work pay off. ...more

Consciously thinking about being a poster child for double standards

Lessons taught in Chapter 1 of Live Your Life’s Purpose: a Guidebook for Creating and Living Your Life’s Purpose:...more

My Life's Purpose and Maple Syrup Fingers

I started reading Live Your Life’s Purpose: a Guidebook for Creating and Living Your Life’s Purpose by Dorothy Ratusny today.  Actually, I tried to start reading it two days ago but got only two sentences in.  This morning while DH was making “Holiday Monday French Toast” (family tradition and very appropriate for Ontario, Canada...more

Good Sleep Is A Wish The Tired Heart Makes

I haven't had a good night's sleep in over four years. The last such night was probably sometime in the second trimester of my pregnancy with my first child, and even then it was probably the kind of sleep that was disrupted by all manner of first pregnancy anxieties. Since then, it's been one long battle with sleep-averse children, parental insomnia, second pregnancy discomfort and anxiety and just general household chaos, all of which works against sleep.So, yeah. I haven't slept in years....more

I'm going on four years of lack of sleep too. Probably either caused or aggravated my chronic ...more