How to start an Arts & Music Festival in your town

Hey Magdalena! From the sounds and look of it, your event was a major success! I am sad I wasn't ...more

Ground Breaking Event at Tiffany Hill in Ancaster!

There was a fabulous ground breaking event at Rosehaven's Tiffany Hill community in Ancaster, Ontario where tones of people came to enjoy all the festivities including great food, horse rides and face painting! Watch as homeowners came to celebrate the occasion along with representatives of City Council, the developer, builder and local MPP.  ...more

Family Entertainment: Improving or Deteriorating?

I grew up on a farm. I always think that is so normal, because most of my friends in Kansas City grew up in little towns in Iowa, Kansas or Missouri. It's mostly when I talk to my friends from the Interwebs that I realize my upbringing was so totally Huck Finn compared to the suburban or city childhoods they experienced. ...more

Lots of parents today seem focused on "doing things" so their kids will have experiences -- ...more

Looking For Fun? Try A Scavenger Hunt

Last year my cousin Gaby J. gave me tickets to a murder mystery scavenger hunt as a Christmas present.  The hunt, "Murder at the Met" was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and it was run by a company called Watson Adventures. Well, a few weeks later, Kay, Gaby and I joined up to form the Sherlock Dames and compete with other teams to solve the mystery of a murdered Met curator ...more