Which Kind of Money Problem Do You Have?

Have you ever gone through a phase where you feel you’re doing everything right, making the necessary changes and sacrifices, but nothing seems to be changing or (better yet) improving?...more
gogirlfinance BlogHer Lack of savings! :/more

A Family Experiment: No Car

Ever notice how The Universe will often force you into a healthy transition that you've been pondering anyway? Even when employing my very best avoidance and denial tactics, I'm always amazed how the mighty hand of Change will swoop in and rearrange my life's furniture with a sharper feng shui in mind. Swift acceptance is key, I believe....more
The story is inspiring. I have just stopped driving and am beginning to find ways to do without ...more

Meet Your New Friends: Early, Often and Compounding Interest

Saving for Retirement:  I’d like to introduce you to your new friends: Early, Often, and Compounding Interest....more
Very good advice! I truly believe the earlier you save regardless of the amount the better off ...more

Can We AFFORD a Second Child?

As exemplified in previous posts, much of my “down time” is spent thinking about whether my husband and I should try to have a second child. Lately I’ve been wondering if, as parents, we invest all of our financial, physical, and emotional resources into raising Emmy as best as we can as an only child, rather than spreading ourselves thin by giving her a sibling....more