Game Night: Do You Let The Kids Win?

 I come from a family of avid game players where tradition dictates that at a certain time deemed appropriate, you are old enough to learn how to play various board and card games.  Along with this privilege comes perhaps one of our bigger rites of passage; to learn how to lose; a skill that some acquire and accept more easily than others....more

Board Games


Family Game Night a Great Way to Unplug

 My husband made the greatest purchase of our lives last weekend when he found this Pokemon Monopoly game at a garage sale for a dollar.Did you catch that? It's a Monopoly game about POKEMON!! And my kids are only ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with Pokemon!...more

Family Fun: Let the games begin!

  It's all fun and games ... Or it should be. We're all busy. I get that — totally. I also know that in between soccer practice and piano lessons and work deadlines, minutes are ticking away. They're wasted forever ......more

Family Game Night

I grew up playing games of all sorts. Board games, card games, Dominoes and variations of Dominoes, you name it - we probably played it or attempted it. Hubby did not. ...more

My neighbors kids all have their own apartments but they keep coming around to play board games ...more

Is the Coffee Table Obsolete?

For as long as I can remember, there has been a coffee table in my living room or family room. It was present in the row house of my babyhood and the single family home of my childhood. In my early married life we had a stand-in for a coffee table: a milk crate adorned with wrapping paper according to the season. As soon as we could afford one we purchased a Thomasville coffee table to match our end tables. I loved it. It would seem that the coffee table has always been an integral part of family room furnishings. ...more