magnetic words with *family* scrabble on the wall DIY!!!

in real life not on your iPhone, this is "words with family". magnetic scrabble tiles! yay!...more

Conversation Starters Series: Grocery Store Giggles

Tell about the funniest thing that ever happened to you in a supermarket.Laughs are everywhere. Check out our other fun conversation starters at Conversation Starters....more

Dress Up and Have Fun with Pretend Play

Over the holidays I have most enjoyed watching the boys play. It’s great to see the dynamics between them and now they include their littlest brother who is only 18-months old. While they received lots of Star Wars Lego as gifts (thank you everyone!) and other great toys and games, I was surprised to see what they have spent most of their holidays doing – pretend play. The importance of pretend play is something that is often overlooked in our busy lives. As parents we focus so much on development through activities outside the home....more