Knowing where you come from

On one girls-only weekend at the beach, one of my friends spent her time looking up her family ancestry. Occasionally, she would let us know about a branch of her family tree that she had discovered, and from listening to her talk, it sounded like her family was full of rogues and adventurers. (I am sure that there were pleasant, everyday people as well, but she didn't share those tales with us.)...more

Nov 11 - Honored

Happy Veteran's Day!I am a Daughter of the American Revolution.Descended from soldiers who fought in both World Wars.Had family that fought on both sides of the Civil War.Grew up as an Army brat to a father, uncles, aunts and cousins who are Veterans of the Vietnam War....more
Nice to meet you! Totally saying 'Thank You' to every Veteran I see today!more

Why I'm the Keeper of the Family Pictures

 By default, I’m the keeper of family junk that nobody else wants—boxes of  Kodak Brownie snapshots from my grandparent’s 1938 driving trip to Colorado, 35 mm slides of my brother and I everywhere from Yellowstone to Cape Cod, hundreds of photos of our own child, and stacks of fading portraits from different generations....more

What to do about Hattie?

I could really use some ideas and feedback on how to deal with my great aunt Hattie....more

Uncovering The Past: The Uncle I Never Knew

Liam recently had to do a family tree project for school and my father sent me a link to some of our family history.  I revisited the site site today intending to pull out a tale I had found quite sweet but stumbled, instead, on the story of an uncle that I never knew - a story that brought with it an image that broke my heart...  I...more

Genealogy Proved The Truth - Correcting False Truths

I felt the impression to get a little personal in this entry because of my struggles with the "false truths" in my own family. There were a lot of details in my Family History that didn't quite add up....more

Where does your name come from?

Today’s BlogHer Find Your Roots prompt asks where my name came from. Am I named after someone in the family? Nope. Even though I am Japanese-Dutch, my first name is Spanish. My mom saw a movie and liked the main character’s name. Then my parents forgot everything about the movie, even the title. My namesake character must have been boring! My middle name is Japanese, though, but I think my mom just liked the sound of it, no significance....more

Genealogy: How deep are your roots

The BlogHer Find Your Roots prompt for today: Three generations ago, where were your family members living?...more