10 Reasons Why Bathing in the Kiddie Pool Is a Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Outside Kiddy Pool Time Should Not Double As Bath Time (and for all of you that are all like "Well, duh."... bite me.) 1. Bugs. As in, Mosquito bites where the sun don't shine. No bueno when one is dealing with a Disney Princess Pull-Up. ...more
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She. Her. Sister. That child....

 SHE is my messy child. ...more

Turning 56-Wow! Really?

  Hello All This is my first blog, which you will probably "get".  So Turning 56 has to do with all the "special" things I am finding out about beind 56 years old.  One: this is the oldest I've ever been.  Two: one's body DOES change in their 50's.  Three: It's a great time in life. One of the first "signs" I noticed was that my earlobes have got a crease in them!  How and when did that happen???  I saw an old women years ago with creases in her earlobes and I thought "wow, that's ugly and she must have worn really heavy earrin...more
Yes, I've noticed a complete body break-down since turning 55.  I am now 57.  I was in physical ...more

Prancercize for Moms

Have you heard of Prancercize? It's THE hottest fitness craze. Prancercize entails, well, prancing like a horse. It's touted as an effective way to burn calories, have fun, and stay in shape. Check out this video of the inventor, Joanna Rohrback, demonstrating Prancercize:http://youtu.be/o-50GjySwewIt seems so intuitive - prancing around for exercise - and so easy. It got me thinking that there's probably a lot of things we do as moms that could become the latest fitness craze.Here are my suggestions of Prancercize for Moms:...more

And then the butter splattered everywhere!

Although I try not to dwell on it, there is a bit of stress created by this whole process of moving– the little stresses of not being able to find some favorite book or piece of jewelry because its packed in a box and the bigger stresses of anticipating that feeling a little like you are in a fish bowl on moving day.  Yesterday surrounded by the boxes at my parents’ new parsonage and with thoughts on our own approaching moving day, I had a mini breakdown in the middle of the kitchen.  Thankfully my mother and my husband were both around and were quick to give the strong supportive...more

Coming out of the closet, literally

As someone suffering a life altering illness you must ask yourself, "when do I go public?". Not in the sense of calling TMZ and arranging to be "papped" leaving some Harley Street medical facility. But when to let those in your life and strangers know that you are "afflicted" with an illness. When your illness presents itself with obvious tell tale signs it kind of takes away that tough conversation you need to have. After all being bald, gaunt and resembling ET on crack is a dead give away that you have cancer....more

13 Things to REALLY Expect When You Are Expecting

What to REALLY Expect When You’re Expecting (plus cauliflower crust pizza!). 24 Apr ...more

34 Weeks of Pregnancy

This past week, my 34th week of pregnancy, was one of the hardest and busiest yet.  I am happy that it is over, I’m feeling much better, and ready to face week 35!Since I have not updated the blog in over a week, I thought I would recap my bloated and very busy week in this post.  I will warn you, it may not sound pretty and is pretty straightforward....more

Severe Weather In The South

Bellonheels.com It is spring time in the South. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, open toe shoes are being dusted off and allergies are raging. What else do the warmer temps bring? Severe weather.If you grew up here, then you know what I am talking about. Severe weather can happen at any time, but spring is when our threat is the highest. When I was single, all I had to worry about was myself. Now I have four little people who I have to protect. That is a major....more

You kids and your video games!

Short of shaking my fist in the air, I am confused by today’s video games. Back in my day, they were simple. Super Mario Brothers was simple. You ran to the right and jumped over (or shot at) whatever got in your way.Tetris, never ended. It just got faster and more anxiety laden. The bricks never stopped! Pac-Man? Just eat the pills. Eat them before the ghosts get you!I was watching my 6 year old nephew play some random Star Wars game on the Wii, “What the heck are you supposed to do in this game?”“I don’t know. That’s part of the game.”...more