Monday Mashup: Are Your Favorite TV Shows Really 1980's Deja Vu?

 Ever think when watching one of your favorite TV shows that it seems awfully familiar?  You know, that feeling of deja vu where suddenly you are transported back to 1982 and are sitting in your paneled family room on a shag rug eating Jiffy Pop?  It happens to me all the time and it makes me wonder:  Do I love these TV shows now because I already loved them 25 years ago?Here are my top 5 deja vu mashups:...more

A Peaceful Saturday At Home With The Family Spring time in this family makes for busy weekends. Sports and the end of the school year closing in, means that all of our time is spent on the go. So imagine my surprise when I wake to torrential rain on a Saturday morning. A day that is supposed to be spent on the soccer and baseball fields is now a free day. At first I was over joyed. What in the heck was I thinking?...more