Episode 57: Oh No, Christmas Is Coming!

There’s only 4 weeks until ChristmasAnd I’ve not even started my shopNo presents, no food, and no booze yet I don’t even have any pop!The town is all lit up and sparklingSanta’s grotto has also arrivedThe shops are blaring out musicThe old Christmas favourites revived!...more

Episode 43: Swallowing My Pride.....

As sore throats go, the one that I have got is not only stubborn, but bloody painful! I went to the doctors with it just over a week ago, was packed off with antibiotics, told I was infectious, and that I should try to rest ….....more

Episode 39: Nobody's Perfect...

We all have our little faults, (some more than others) and I know I certainly have mine! I just got to thinking about the little pet hates that I have…silly little things that really drive me mad….....more

Polka-Dots Tops with Checked Pants?

Until I grew stronger in my convictions, I was often embarrassed by polka-dotted tops and checked pants as my kids ran for the school bus . To soothe my ego, I really was tempted to phone the kindergarten teacher , declaring that my children’s independence was more important to me than dressing a fashion plate. Basically I wanted to yell, ” I did not pick out her clothes today!”...more