This weekend was a recovery weekend. Luckily , I was mostly the only one in need of recovery. Toddlers don't seem to notice when they are sick and Josh seemed to be out of sorts for all of 24 hours before he started feeling better again. To aid my recovery, on Saturday morning my sister picked up Riley to take her to see her great grand father. Frankly, I think she was pretty excited just at the idea of leaving the house....more

BlogHer of the Week: Susan of DC Metro Moms Blog

McDonald's seems an unlikely place for staging quality conversation with your 10-year-old, but for Susan McCorkindale of Confessons of a Counterfeit Farm Girl it's become a weekly haven of sorts. Her spare prose describing her son's reaction to change, and her resistance to smoothing over his fear with false assurances, resonated with her readers. ...more