How To Stay Sane When Your Family Is Dysfuntional

Just about everyone can say at one point in their lives that their family is dysfunctional. After all, no family is completely normal. Normal isn’t well… normal!  We all have families that have problems, hide secrets, yell and breakdown, and sometimes even get along. But the trick is to know how to keep your sanity while spending time with your crazy family. Trust me, I have one screwed up, mostly broken, sometimes friendly family myself.  I grew up being raised by my Great-Grandparents, not really knowing my Aunts and Uncles and my cousins were strangers, except for one who for a time lives with us and I actually thought for a long time that she was my sister. See… weird stuff! But now I live in a nice little house, live a pretty normal life, and pretend that my family is just like everyone else’s… or what I like to pretend their family is like.  Even in my own family, my kids and husband, we all have our own quirks and at some points in our relationships with each other we have also been dysfunctional.  We are a pretty normal family, and I like that. So how to stay sane while spending time with your crazy family?...more

Why "Three Little Birds"?

Why "Three Little Birds" for this blog?...more


There’s a really good reason why I'm not friends with my bf's family on Facebook and it’s because I post stuff like this: ‘Oh goody the mother-in-law is coming to visit – have I got time to have facial re-constructive surgery and leave the country??’Ok, so she’s not legally my mother-in-law but as my boyfriend’s mum it’s the same thing - over familiarity with a self-entitlement to interfere. I’m going to be calling her ‘Mil’ in this post....more

It's Norman's Fault. How Normal Rockwell Duped America

I have been pondering who is to blame for the misconception of the “normal” American Family that we all struggle to overcome when our own families don’t quite measure up. Okay, forget the “don’t quite measure up.” Let’s call a spade a spade: Our families look nothing like the Leave it to Beaver, or evenModern Family models that we all love to turn on each week. There is no sign of the real sadness, anger, and stress of being part of an American family, and this makes us feel isolated in our inability to get it right....more
Dear Christine-- This was such a timely post for me.  I just spent a weekend in Stockbridge and ...more

Potty Training Woes

My daughter just turned three at the beginning of March. She has not been very cooperative in the potty training area of things. When she was eighteen months old, she did sit on the potty and actually use it for all of her potty needs, but that stopped after about a week....more

Sexual Abuse Never Stops

 I am learning about other people in my family who were sexaully abused as children. It is everywhere and devastated lives. My heart is sick about this. I have done my own healing work (it was brutal and long).  It is so hard to see it in those I love. It is something that needs to be brought out in the light and dealt with. Anything any of you can do to stop the cycle in your own lives or others, I implore you to do.  Blessings, Barbara...more
I've been away for a while, Barbara, but I am planning to read your posts. I, too, know of loved ...more

Can you spend your life acting like they aren't Naked?

When I was a young girl, I thought all those pioneer men and women in the black & white photos led sad, depressing lives. No one ever smiled, not even the children. Then as I grew up I found out that because of the way photographs were taken back in the 1800's, everyone was made to hold perfectly still and that meant not smiling. If they moved it would ruin the photo so the result was a very somber looking generation of pioneers. ...more

Communication and health?

Come visit   blog     New ideas about mental health and communication and couples and family....more

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Only Children on the Rise: But Isn't it Best for a Child to Have A Sibling?

A recent edition of Time magazine has an interesting article on only children, "The Only Child:Debunking the Myths." It indicates that since the early '60s single-child families have almost doubled in number, to about 1 in 5....more

Israelis Put Family First

I am invited to go clubbing in Tel Aviv by two Israeli women in their mid-thirties. They tell me they’re not ‘heading out’ until 11 pm or so. Before then, one has an errand to run and a friend to see, another who is a blogger, has work to do and then may grab drinks with friends before we meet at the club. ...more

Renee Blodgett: Down The ...more