20 Ways to Involve Grandparents in Your Child's Life

Grandparents can have such a positive influence on the lives of our children. By proactively including and inviting grandparents into our family lives, we encourage our children’s relationships with them.Here are a few ideas for involving grandparents in your child’s life.1) Sign up for a class for your child to do with a grandparent, such as squirrel class at the arboretum, library story time, make a birdhouse class at Home Depot, bake cupcakes class at the park district, or music class at the arts center....more


The other day, whilst out and about doing errands, I stopped in to Burger King for a coupon combo.  Sitting in the corner facing the dining area I couldn’t help but notice a young man in his 30’s with a small boy and pre-toddler girl.  The small boy was running around the play area calling out, “Daddy, daddy look at me!,” as the little girl busied herself playing choo-choo train with some french fries at the table.  The young man looked kind and was proving to be attentive in his role of “daddy,” obviously on a solo trip to lunch....more

The Sport of Motherhood

The definition of a Mother in my mind is a selfless, patient, observant, willful woman whom loves children; not just the fruit of her womb, but all. I get my definition of Mother from my mom’s example in life.There are no classes to enroll in that prepares a woman for motherhood. There’s no fancy degree awarded once this position has been granted. There are levels that can be achieved, but there is no Final Exam, EOC, or ECA....more


Cameroon is one of those places where one may wonder, as kids grow up, what is their lifestyle like?How do they spend their time after school with friends and family. Well, I will tell you a bit about it,based on my experiences as a child there. For a child not big enough to walk, it is very normal for your mother to do all the house work and take you where ever she goes....more
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When Honesty is NOT the Best Policy

I’m the type of mom that lays awake at night with terrible thoughts running through my head. Worries about my kids, mostly – scenes of them falling down stairs, running in front of cars.I know – too much coffee, I’m sure.I’m also not the biggest fan of doctors. I found a group practice of four pediatricians when my first daughter was born, and over time I whittled down my list of doctors I like at the practice to ONE.Then in November of last year that doctor decided to retire. And I actually cried, right there in the exam room, when she told me....more
 @Darcie Thanks for your comment, Darcie! I totally get where you're coming from. I guess my ...more

A New Season

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2012  There is something about fall that I absolutely dread. The end of warm summer days, the end of unplanned calendars and the end of long daylight hours. The same thing happens every year....more

Deportation and mistreatment of 2 brothers in Canada

Thank you to the  Ricky Lake Show , I got to know about this Website. Dear Ladies of the World,This family needs your help.I will copy and past a link in here.Could you please Sign andmake your voices heard. I know our voices as women can move mountainshttp://www.change.org/petitions/the-immigration-minister-stop-the-deportation-and-mistreatment-of-2-brothers-in-canada  ...more

Free Range or Helicopter: What's Your Parenting Style?

Remember the days when you ran wild all day long? Remember drinking from the hose because you hated to go inside, soaking up the sun and playing with your friends from sun up to sundown? For many, those days are gone and our parents today would probably be considered 'free-rangers' for allowing us to do so....more

Washing Gertie's Dishes

Thursday was auction day, and as usual I returned home with a load of stuff for my booths. As I was unpacking one box I came upon a pile of family photos. These weren't old-time pictures; they were mostly from the 70's through the late 90's, with a couple from the 50's in the mix. They weren't professionally done and there was not much in them to keep the attention of anyone except the family captured on film. Apparently the family didn't think these important enough to keep, or perhaps they had duplicates and didn't need these extra ones. ...more

Still Married after 23 years

My twenty third wedding anniversary is looming this month. What amazes me is  how my husband and I have lasted this long without killing each other! I am only joking, but it is true, how we got here to this point is is no small undertaking. There have been many ups and downs, plenty of tears and a whole lot of heartache along the way but we have made it inspite of everything....more