Demi Moore and Her Daughters: When Mom and Kids Split

In light of the new drama surrounding Demi Moore and her children, I am reminded of the times when parent-children relationships go awry. Parents, moms in particular, are stereotypically the ones who hold the household together. A mother is the one who puts salve on her child’s wounds. She has the right words to soothe her child’s heartache. That is, in most cases....more

AKA - An American Bistro

Robert Simon(Owner)&Jo ...more

Yes, I prank my own kids

Today’s BlogHer NaBloPoMo Prompt: Talk about the best prank you ever pulledThis is going to sound bad, but some of the best pranks we pulled were on our own kids. Now these pranks usually came after they had tried to pull some kind of gross or scary prank first. Of course this wasn't always the case. Let me tell you, either way, they deserved every prank played on them for 4 reasons:...more

A Sigh of Relief for Healthcare

For years now health has been political. I don't want political healthcare. I just care about health for my family. There are three reasons why this healthcare reform bill was important for my little worldI am a woman ...more

An Unmade Bed Leads To Larger Issues In This Marriage

For some reason, this remains one of my most popular columns, months after it was originally posted. I hope you all enjoy it, too! --T.K. Dear Tazi-Kat: ...more

Getting Rid of the Crazy Lady

I've been lost for a long time. So lost I don't even know where I'm going anymore. I do know I want outta here!!! Out of poverty and dispare. Out of the constent pain. I just can't take it anymore! My life is full- a husband, 5 kids, my mom and brother. But something is missing. I know it can't just be money, although money plays a big part. It's hard telling my kids no all the time. And thats all I've been able to say for the past 18 yrs. 18 yrs on food stamps. Can you imagine? I HATE IT!!! Everything about it! I hate not working-I hate the way I look-I hate where I live....more

Crazy Friends and Lessons on Living AFTER Being a Parent

"I told my kids the Zombie Apocalypse has started in Miami and we are awaiting confirmation from the government. This is what I have been preparing my kids for at the shooting range."I received this text message from my girlfriend I call "Crazy Sarah" yesterday.I call her that for reasons that are already obvious to you....more

My arch-nemesis, the Fruit Fly. Committed to Ultimate Victory

(This was the most benign picture of a fruit fly I could find. All the other ones make you start to itch like you have a sudden onset of leprosy.) ...more

Life is so darn funny, crazy, and irrupting sometimes, what to do........

Ok  so I allowed my youngest twin daughter to take our grandson with her to see his mother on Mn and then the 3 of them would go out to vegas for a little fun in the sun with him. I have yet to talk withmy grandson as he seems tonot want to talk on the phone with me ever which I find totally ironic becasue when he is here it's nana this nana that and so forth. Not only that I am trying really hard to make some headway with my daughter and that is seeming to not happen either. I am so confused right now....more

Today, The Best Time of My Life

It may have taken three lefts to get there, but I am indeed headed right, in the proper direction.  Now, is the best time of my life.The first "left" came after missing great family times.  I was doing laundry when I was taken back to a boat ride in the darkness.  My heart dropped right back to 1997 thanks to the photos hanging in my laundry room from a trip to Disney Land and The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. ...more