My arch-nemesis, the Fruit Fly. Committed to Ultimate Victory

(This was the most benign picture of a fruit fly I could find. All the other ones make you start to itch like you have a sudden onset of leprosy.) ...more

Life is so darn funny, crazy, and irrupting sometimes, what to do........

Ok  so I allowed my youngest twin daughter to take our grandson with her to see his mother on Mn and then the 3 of them would go out to vegas for a little fun in the sun with him. I have yet to talk withmy grandson as he seems tonot want to talk on the phone with me ever which I find totally ironic becasue when he is here it's nana this nana that and so forth. Not only that I am trying really hard to make some headway with my daughter and that is seeming to not happen either. I am so confused right now....more

Today, The Best Time of My Life

It may have taken three lefts to get there, but I am indeed headed right, in the proper direction.  Now, is the best time of my life.The first "left" came after missing great family times.  I was doing laundry when I was taken back to a boat ride in the darkness.  My heart dropped right back to 1997 thanks to the photos hanging in my laundry room from a trip to Disney Land and The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. ...more

Food on my shirt, again?

Food on my shirt, again?...more

The view from 100 First Avenue

Today, I decided that I really didnt favour any of my neighbors. Dont get me wrong, I do like the old 80 year old woman neighbor accross the road, but obviosly, we have different idea's. My neighbor nextdoor to me, well she and her hubby Tony, are a childless middle age couple . They actually are a pain in the A*** and  have alot of negative energy between them. Its sad that they reek of unhappiness. Mind you, she is a control freak , a supposed counsellor, going through the change of life, a lethal combination at the best of times. And he... a wet-sock of a husband....more

How I Cut Back On Crazy

Every so often, and maybe a whole lot,  as a mom I have to stop and ask myself: “Who is driving this thing?”  Because I get caught up.I get caught up in crazy.If you’re a mom, I think you know exactly what I’m talking about and I don’t have to say another word!...more

My family.....My Strength

My son's birthday is a week away and Mother's Day is right around the corner and it's always a time of mixed emotions for me. It's a time where I reflect on my life from the time he was born and every decision I have made since then. I always had an overwhelming feeling and guilt that I had done everything backwards....more

Take A Celebrex and Smile: Your Family Needs You

How many of you out there know that deep down underneath your exterior, there is a supermom lurking about? Any takers? Ok. Some of us don’t think of ourselves this way. Sadly, we are treading obstacles at every turn, wondering if we are doing our very best while maintaining traces of our femininity. But when life knocks us down, when it takes us down a notch, we scramble to regroup defiantly clinging to life as we know it....more
In reference to the twitter comment, The article title was only meant to convey one of the many ...more

Healing Cancer: A Lonely place for hope