When It's Rape: What Moms Must Teach Their Sons About Sex

A male friend tells a story about an incident he witnessed at a frat house party. He and two of his fraternity brothers found themselves in a bedroom with an inebriated, negligibly conscious young woman who was lying on the bed. One of his friends, he recounts, said, “Hey, let’s stick our d*cks in her mouth!”...more
This is so true and important in a world where "no" to some means "convince me."more

What I learned about other people the older I got.

When we were in highschool, most of us wanted to be popular, or have the most friends. I remember in Freshman year, I made 20 friends and by the time I was  a senior, the group was down to  about 6-8 girls.Today, I talk to one or two VIA FACEBOOK and one I see about twice a year. This is normal. We mature at different rates or we have different interests, or go off to different colleges....more

Hurtful Words: When My Daughter Says "I Don't Love You"

I struggle with my mother-daughter relationship.  When I first found out I was having a girl, I worried....more

Biting the Hand that feeds you? Yeah, really not such a good idea!!!

Something has been bugging me and I wanted to ask you all a question. How many of you think that it's a bad idea to bite the hand that feeds you? Yeah, well so do I....more