10 Things my Kids Wanted you to Know about the Teacher's Strike in BC, Canada

10 Things my Kids want you to Hear about the Teacher's Strike09/12/20140 Comments...more

Best Part of My Day ~ Changing Perceptions

School is back in session and I was partially excited and sad because that means another year they are getting older and more peaceful house with just the preschoolers. I woke up this morning dreading another day to take the kids to school and another tough of war with why didn't I just homeschool them this year?  But when I came back home to sit down the preschoolers to go over their letters, it hit me that having just these two around allows me to focus on just them and they get the attention they need....more

Revisiting memories of my hometown of Tagaoloan

Photo by Urcel C, Mulvey and Nelly Montayre I was added to this group Facebook group called ” Lumad Tagoloan” (Tagoloan natives) where I saw people that I knew in the past who lived in my hometown of Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental in northern Mindanao, Philippines....more

The Horrors Of School Drop Off Line

Bellonheels.comI pulled up to the school and four quiet, smiling children formed a line. Then they took turns carefully climbing down from the vehicle.Okay, it wasn’t exactly like that.Or anything like that really....more

Placement Decisions: My Son Can Hear You

In making placement decisions for our children, I’m amazed by how little the elementary educators understand the impact their words have on our children. With my son in the room, they say things that they feel I should hear about him with very little tact and, at times, in a way made to make certain that I should know just how incompetent they feel he is. How should I express my discomfort during those times?...more

Cat Michaels Gets Kids Writing Stories

CorineD2 Thx for the retweet! Appreciate the support. I'm new to Twitter. Finding my way round ...more

Cat Michaels Gets Kids Writing Stories


Educational Accountability for Our Children Includes You

“No homework tonight Mom! I don’t remember what we did in class today. Can I play my video game? I don’t know when I’ll get my report card.” Does this sound familiar?  I know you are shaking your head as you say “yes”....more

Spending birthdays with the Helms

I managed to attend a lovely party down Mt. Pleasant here in North Carolina over the weekend, a double birthday celebration of CJ and Brad Helms, the sons of Chris and Jeans Helms.March 15, was a beautiful day, neither cold nor hot. The ride was perfect going there. It wasn’t the first time I attended there and for whatever reasons Ronnie my hubby always finds it welcome to visit the Helms at their home....more