24 Quick and Healthy Family Meals - Free Ebook

If you're a busy woman on the go, and especially if you're trying to feed healthy meals to a busy family, you how tempting it is to rely on fast food restaurants and prepared meals. It's hard to cook real food when you're pressed for time, and meals cooked by someone else just seem so tempting. The problem, of course, is that they include lots of ingredients your family doesn't need - like salt, sugar, trans fat, artificial colors - and few ingredients it does need - like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy oils....more

In the Kitchen With Dad

Throughout my childhood, my father cooked all our family dinners. He was not a good cook. Apparently, Mom was even worse. She had abdicated the lead role in the kitchen very early in their marriage, after one too many complaints from Dad. ...more

Welcome home daddy dinner; meatloaf for beginners

After two long weeks Mr X is home.  Hallelujah.For the first time I actually cried a bit when we went to pick Mr X up from the airport today. Juliet spotted him the minute he walked through the gate and shouted ‘DADDY!!!’, and ran to him arms outstretched. The pure joy in her voice and seeing Xander crouch down arms equally outstretched, bags akimbo to pluck her up in a big daddy bear hug [sniff] it was all a bit emotional. And it wasn’t just me, I think the scene moved quite a few of the travelers waiting alongside at Starbucks....more


Blessings at dinner are something I have struggled to redefine for my own family after I left my parents’ house....more

Family Pizza Night and More Thoughts on Life at the Dinner Table

For some reason every Thursday night we order pizza and breadsticks from Papa John's. Last night, however, I decided to have a family cooking night and make the pizza with the children.    ...more
We make our pizzas using the store bought crust for a quick and easy start- they are only about ...more

Inventive Breakfast Bento Boxes

It's 6:22 a.m. and I've already been nudged awake three times by four different children. I roll over and ask them for five more minutes--just five--because I'd been up 'til midnight, finalizing assignments and folding neat fresh piles of laundry. And five more minutes of sleep sounds just too, too good to give up. ...more
what fun breakfast ideas!   LOVE itmore

Pasta and Seasonal Vegetables with Hillshire Farm Sausage #Giveaway

As a mother with no time and a house full of fairly picky eaters, I rely heavily on what I call all-in-one dishes. Casseroles, crock pot meals, pastas with protein and veggies. They are quick and healthy if done right, and I can hide veggies in them. Honestly, I hoped I would never have to be the mom (and wife) that hides nutrition in less nutritious food, but it’s my reality, folks....more
Hello there, Laine! Well, it's Labor Day Weekend and I am getting ready to put shoes on my bare ...more

Hungry Mouths To Feed

Weekly Meal Plan for June 30 - July 6   6/30 Saturday:  Smoked Pork Loin (the man of the house is awesome with the smoker!), cole slaw, baked beans, rolls   7/1 Sunday:  Pulled pork sandwiches (made with leftover smoked pork loin), cole slaw, corn chips   7/2  Monday:  Black bean and quinoa enchiladas   7/3:  Tuesday:...more