His Soul Is Burned Into Mine: Moving On Without Someone You Love

It is sometime during the 4:00 hour. I am lying, wide awake, in my bed sucking on a lozenge because I can't stop coughing. I've got a toddler's head rammed between my shoulder blades. I'm hot from all the blankets and lovies my ten-year-old has brought into my huge king-sized bed with him. The house is quiet and feels a little emptier with Hubby on a business trip despite all of the company I have in bed with me. Edgie has been pushing Slim in his sleep, "Move over Slim!! This my bed." And I roll my eyes because, no, it's MY bed; I smile in spite of it. ...more
terrilively  Thank you!more

Three Generations Away

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - Prompt:Go back three generations and tell us about where your family lived. ...more

The Longest Days

One of my favorite quotes for parenthood and life is from Gretchen Rubin's Book The Happiness Project.  In that book she says for parents the "...more

Is Scrapbooking a requirement of motherhood? If so, I am failing

I have to admit to being a slacker mom when it comes to pictures.  I take TONS of pictures.  The thousands of pictures I have taken are sitting on my iphone and computer  unorganized.  We have random physical pictures from other more organized people, strewn about about the house that get loved on so much that they end up falling to pieces.  While I can whip out my phone at any time for the kids to look at it doesn't feel the same as a photo album that they can take with them....more

Dinner, Funny Faces, Prom and Gomez


Even MORE Proof Of The Cosmic Curse Theory

As a person with some perfectionist tendencies, I often fall victim to the reality of a situation not living up to the fantasy in my head. No matter that the mental image is improbable, if not impossible - the perfectly, perfect experience should be had at all costs. This is no more exasperating than when I'm trying to get our family on some outing where we Bond! and Have Fun! and Make Memories! ...more


I love looking back at family pictures to see how the kids have changed over the years. They’ve grown tremendously, broadened their horizons, developed their own personalities, and taken risks....more

Remember When

This month The Hubby and I will celebrate 36 years of marriage and I am going to walk down memory lane....more

Life Reports

Along with thousands of others, I sent off a short autobiography to David Brooks, the columnist for the New York Times. The only qualification was that you had to be over  70. I made that cut.He has started publishing them on his blog, feed://brooks.blogs.nytimes.com/feed/ and hope he publishes them as a book. They are stories of survival,  of overcoming obstacles, of joy, of grief. I can identify with every one. So many saw their parents as loving but distant, even dysfunctional, as negative examples....more

Spending A Day In The Country Wandering Down Memory Lane...

For me, I find that reminiscing is not only remembering; it includes all of one's senses that make the  experience complete.  This week, I had the joy of traveling down memory lane with a few of the most important women in my life. ...more