Why Star Wars Rocks My Geek Family

Family Holiday Movie Rental Review Roundup

So another holiday weekend has come and almost gone. We've hardly left the house in days. However I, being a wise and intelligent mom (this ain't my first rodeo...) visited the handy dandy Redbox nearest our home on Wednesday morning to procure us some Holiday Rental Delights.To save you some trouble, here's my extremely opinionated view of the movies we saw this weekend:...more

Farewell Harry Potter

I read my first Harry Potter Book in the Portland Maine Jetport. I was returning home from a a college board of trustees meeting. There, we raised tuition, talked about sexism in fraternities and the cost of heating a campus where snow could commence as early as November and linger until April.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was my fly by night gift to myself, a simple impulse buy along with an Oh Henry candy bar.  I opened it in the terminal and never stopped reading....more

You Go, Girl! Five Strong Females in Family Films

Most of us probably grew up reading classic fairy tales where the princess finds herself in peril, gets rescued by the handsome prince (who slays the dragon), and they all live happily ever after. Well, everyone except the dragon, that is.But life just isn't like that, is it? More often than not, the prince never shows up. Or if he does, he's not what we expect. He might need sensitivity training or better communication skills....more
hermione (and mrs weasley, since she is often grouped as a strong woman) is a horribly weak ...more