What the Phrase ‘Million-Dollar Baby’ Means to Me

When I went into labor 17 weeks early, there was no time for us to consider our “options.”When the nurse handed me the consent form, I had no idea what I was signing. I had no idea the life of my unborn baby was literally in my hands. At that moment, I didn't know that babies born too soon are babies who are born sick. I didn't know they spend days, months and even years in intensive care units....more

A New Year, A New Beginning

Happy New Year, gang! Can you believe the year we just did?...more

How Having a Preemie Changed Me

It dawned on me the other day when I was talking with another preemie mom that I am not the same person as I was before. Our experience changed me. I think mostly for the good... ...more
@Linda W Clarke That's wonderful! I also found myself becoming more spiritual during Jax's time ...more

In the Rear View Mirror: Facing our Fears and Then Driving Away

All week I've been saying to myself..."I can't believe it's been a year."A year since I was airlifted from the ER to a strange hospital hours away from home. A year since I cried from the my depths of my soul "NO - I WILL NOT HAVE THIS BABY TODAY!" A year since the delivery room was silent. And a year since we heard that first tiny mew - a sign of life - at a an age where many doctors won't perform life-saving procedures. A year since we heard the words "4% chance of healthy survival" and "he might not make it out of here..."...more