The Family Photo Shoot DISASTER! New episode of Blabbermom

In an all new episode of Blabbermom, Jenny Gill blabs about her family photo shoot disaster!...more

Photo Tips for Non-Professionals: How To Avoid Blurry Pictures

Modern digital cameras equipped with automatic settings make it easy to take beautiful pictures of your family. Still there are some tips to remember to avoid pretty common photo defects that can not be fixed with photo retouching. We'll cover them one by one and give you very simple practical tips to avoid these mishaps. Our first topic is picture blurriness. ...more
Ha, I'll try both ideas below and see what works best for me! :)more

Liv and Mom by Bia Sampaio- a gift from Shutterfly

Few weeks ago I had an honor to participate in a family photo shoot with an amazing New York based photographer Bia Sampaio the shoot took place at the Plaza Hotel and...more