Moms, Change the POV and Get in the Family Pic!

I have several problems with taking pictures on my cell phone. The first problem is with my son. Every time I take out my phone to take a picture of him, he starts to pose and smile in an ultra cheesy way instead of the natural way he was smiling a few seconds earlier. Clearly I have told him one too many times to smile for the camera. ...more
Love this!! I have been making a major effort to get IN the pics over the last few years. And ...more

Dilemma: Old Flames in Family Photos

Significant others come and go throughout life, occasionally creating a problem with special event photos that include them.You want to display the cherished photo, but you don’t want to gaze at the face of the ex who broke your heart or got on your last nerve. ...more


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Take the challenge -- Organize the Photos in 10 Minutes a Day!

"Are you kidding? 10 minutes a day to organize the photos? I haven't done a thing since my high schooler was in pre-school." If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. At Give Me 10, we're all about tackling those projects that are just so overwhelming we've avoided them for way too long. Organizing the photos is a perpetual challenge and probably the #1 goal among people who attend Give Me 10 workshops. For something that's supposed to bring joy, photos sure can be a pain in the neck. Why do we hate the thought of organizing them so much?...more
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Gift Resolution: Start Working Now on These Great Gift Ideas

Have you had Christmases where you found yourself low on time, money or inspiration when giving holiday gifts to loved ones. At this point in my life, I’ve given my children and other family members all sorts of gifts. While all of them were appreciated, not all of them were meaningful. Next year, I want to do something different. ...more
You are so raight.  I have somehow become the family historian and everyone gives me their old ...more

Portraits of a life

My favorite place in our house just got better: two years after he was born, this little guy finally got his portrait on the wall. ...more

Win a FREE photo session - Houston and Surrounding Areas

I'll be giving away a free photo session to one person/family in the Houston and surrounding areas! Check out my blog for more information

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The Holiday Family Photo: Keep it Real

On a pre-Thanksgiving dinner beach walk on Thursday, I passed a man wearing a Santa hat standing in front of a chair full of Christmas-themed props. Mistakenly thinking that he and the woman he was with were trying to take their own picture, I offered, as I will sometimes do when I see people in this situation, to take one of them."I'm the PHOTOGRAPHER," he snapped, and I kept on walking after a brief apology.Then I went inside and told Twitter about it, as you do. I even used the hashtag #holidaybeachphotos gone wrong, yes I did....more

I love the Snuggie ...more