Mom's Potato Salad

One of the things I remember from growing up is my dad always saying my mom made the best potato salad in the world. I’ve been wanting to make my mom’s potato salad for some time now, but the things is, my mom didn’t use a recipe. She just knew what to add and how much. So it was not in my box of recipe cards I had copied from her box of cards years earlier. I checked with my sister, but she didn’t have the recipe, either. So I tried to go from memory....more
My mom is deceased and I regret never learning her Puerto Rican recipes. Pernil (roasted pork), ...more

Pauline's Corn Casserole

A family will love it!!Pauline's Corn CasseroleIngredients:1 can cream corn1 can whole kernel corn1 cup sour cream1 stick margarine1 box cornbread mix2 eggs, beatenDirections:Mix all ingredients well.  Bake in 8 by 11 casserole dish for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.  Sprinkle top with cheese if desired....more

Cumin Scented Chickpeas with Organic Chicken Sausage Alongside Garlic Couscous Peppered with Golden Raisins

My theme this week: Strategies for getting dinner on the table. Here's one of our favorites for its quick simplicity and bursts of hearty flavors. I’m not great at dashing madly around the kitchen for half an hour. Well, I can do it if G’s at work, J’s napping and NPR’s talking on my headphones. I cannot do it when G’s just gotten home, J’s rangy and Barnie‘s taunting that he loves me. Need I say arsenic hour?...more