Four Corners, 13 Hours

The 2016 Great American EscapeI am starting to give some attention to the western leg of our upcoming transcontinental odyssey.  This would be “the back nine,” the homeward part of our journey as we meander from New England to California.  By then, I figure, we’ll be tired.  So it is indeed unfortunate that traversing the vast western expenses will provide us with some of our longest driving days....more

12 Tips to Make Your Family Road Trip Amazing

When we went to visit family in Florida last summer, we decided to make it a road trip. While it went smoothly, for the most part, there are things I wish had done differently to make the 12+ hour drive with three kids and a large dog, better....more

Take a Minute to Click-It for Love

My father was my hero.   He encouraged my adventurous and independent spirit.   He died in a tragic car accident in 1990.   I was lucky enough in life to finally meet a man who touched my heart and embraced my adventurous and independent spirit.   He died in a tragic car accident in 2007.Both would still be here sharing my life had they worn their seat belts....more

Valuable Lessons Learned for Kids on Road Trips

We just got back from a mini vacation road trip to Montana.  Dang if we haven’t become experts at road tripping with little ones.  You may have seen us at the gas station, we were the ones with the kids in mismatched PJ’s, hair wild as the wind, and wearing only socks (non matching socks of coures). Pretty sure I saw a redneck sneak a pic, then exclaimed to his wife:“This is going on the Wall of Walmart.”...more

Top 15 THings Every Mom Should Have In Her SUPER MOMMY Diaper Bag

You'd think a mom of a 21 year old wouldn't have a diaper bag wouldn't you?  And I probably wouldn't except I ordered what I THOUGHT was a tote bag and it turned out to be a diaper bag.  Vera Bradley natch, so you KNOW I couldn't just hide it.  No, being bright yellow with little flowers and a plastic liner just screamed "This is a DIAPER bag!  USE me!" So I did....more

"I Guess I Get The Hump:" Recalling The Road Trips Of Our Youth

 With spring break right around the corner, lots of families will be heading on a road trip.   Do you remember the road trips of your youth?A few months ago, our flight from Burlington, VT to Newark got cancelled due to weather.  Never a family to not consider all of our options, we headed to the car rental counter. The idea was to get the Suburban we'd just returned, reload it and head out....more

Road Trips Are Where the Memories Are Made

There are things that people tell you when they find out you are expecting a baby. Then there are things people SHOULD tell you when you are expecting a baby. They tell you, "Sleep now while you can!" but they SHOULD tell you, "Sleep now because you will NEVER EVER sleep again!" People tell you, "Say goodbye to being able to do whatever you want whenever you want!" They SHOULD tell you, "Hey! You can go on vacation all you want, but you better make sure your destination is within a six-hour radius." ...more
I love road trips!!!!! :)more

It's the Road Trip Destination, Okay?

It's true that family road trips can be fun and happy times, but there are those challenging stretches of highway. Here are some tips for helping you get there. ...more
I love love love to drive.more

Five Tips For Planning a Family Road Trip on a Budget

March in our house means one thing: spring break! Okay, make that two things: spring break and road trip! ...more

Road Trip Wish List: A Mazda CX-9

This post is sponsored by Mazda CX-9 and BlogHer. Last weekend when we drove from Los Angeles to Big Bear Mountain for our first ski/snowboarding adventure, I found myself wishing we had a much bigger car so the kids didn’t even have to sit next to each other. And looking at the specs of the Mazda CX-9, I realize that as we start planning more road trips in our near future, a car that fits our growing family might be the difference between vacation hell and vacation bliss. ...more