Fictionalizing Family Stories

Blogher Writing LabAugust Theme: TALESFriday, August 12, 2016 Do you think your family stories would make a good book? Have you ever considered writing them down or fictionalizing them?Fictionalizing Family Stories...more

Don't Tell These Tales

Blogher Writing LabAugust Theme: TALESWednesday, August 10, 2016 Are there any family stories you hope don’t get passed on beyond your generation?Don’t Tell These Tales...more

It's All In the Name

Blogher Writing LabAugust Theme: TALESTuesday, August 9, 2016 Are you featured in any often told family stories? Tell us about it.I am included in some family stories. My favorite is how my maternal grandmother named me, even though I didn’t like my name when I was growing up.The tale is that my mother was going to name me Charlotte Denise, but when I was born my grandmother wanted to name me. My mother gave in and I was named Debra Lynn....more

Taylor Mountain

BlogHerMonday, August 8, 2016 Do you have any family stories that have been passed on for more than two generations?Taylor MountainThe Taylor family owned, or homesteaded, land in Alabama since the early 1800’s. The family story that has been passed down states William Henry Taylor, Sr. was born in South Carolina around 1797. He was the first Taylor in our family to come to Alabama....more

10 Things to Tell Your Children in February

Our (grand)children will only know who they are by understanding where they came from share your memories and family stories with them.  Click here to read this post ...more

remembering southern california

Haha - I can relate.  We lived there for about 18 years in various towns - great memories but do ...more

You Might Be a Redneck If . . .

you have a story like this one....more

Capture Your Family Stories and Recipes Before They are Gone Forever

Does your Yiayia make the best baklava this side of the Atlantic Ocean? How about Tia Lupe’s enchiladas?  Are they The.Best.Enchiladas.Ever? At family get-togethers there are usually a few dishes that everyone looks forward to eating.  Many of the recipes for these dishes are not written down, have been passed down generations, and are made from memory. As our relatives age and pass on, so do the recipes for our favorite dishes. ...more

This is the perfect idea for my family! My aunts each have their own special flavor and dishes ...more

Gift Resolution: Start Working Now on These Great Gift Ideas

Have you had Christmases where you found yourself low on time, money or inspiration when giving holiday gifts to loved ones. At this point in my life, I’ve given my children and other family members all sorts of gifts. While all of them were appreciated, not all of them were meaningful. Next year, I want to do something different. ...more
You are so raight.  I have somehow become the family historian and everyone gives me their old ...more