Create a Phone Jail to Take Charge of Your Mobile Device

As phones are able to do more and more things for us, we tend to spend more and more time on them. You always see pictures of people at restaurants spending more time on their phones than with each other. I sometimes think we are just a few steps away from the hover chair society in Wall-E. As a writer, I'm no exception. I continually email back and forth with clients, and I use social media to interact with followers. My phone allows me to network and keep contact with the outside world. I don't have family nearby, and I tend to feel isolated sometimes living out in the country. I also use my phone to make grocery lists and balance the bank account. But the fact of the matter is, even if I'm doing the most noble thing in the world on my phone, the kids just see me on my phone. ...more
Love this idea!!!more

Moving Day, the Turkeys Have a New Home!

Moving Day, the Turkeys Have a New Home!There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it.  ~Edith Wharton...more

How I Became Content Creator for my Kids on the Information Super Highway

 The thing is, the world of the internet is exciting and terrific and mind-blowing and brilliant. It can also be terrifying. My kids got hand-me-down phones that were so worthless, and non-functional that my husband and I had bought new ones for ourselves. Somehow, as soon as they were in our kids' possession, they worked perfectly, and the kids had ipods....more

Of course your time with your child matters

Think back to your childhood and the time that you spent with your parents. (I'll give you a second.) What were the interactions you had with them like? Now that you have children do you find yourself using their ideas for fun holidays or improving on some of their rules that you didn't like?...more

Put the Phone Down!

I have a problem, and I know I’m not the only one with this problem. I can’t put my phone down!It is not about Ebola anymore, this is a greater epidemic. Our phone deprives us of time from our loved ones, true quality time. Well, only if we let it....more

Looking for Construction Sites

Looking for Construction SitesNever say 'no' to adventures. Always say 'yes,' otherwise you'll lead a very dull life.  ~Ian Fleming...more

Families interrupted by work

As soon as I got pregnant, two things started happening right away:...more

Weekends of Catching Up

Weekends are spent catching up.  Dirty laundry, un-vacuumed floors, unpaid bills, and toothpaste smudges on bathroom sinks make our house a yucky place to be by Friday afternoon. A disorganized, messy house drives me NUTS.  Daily, I work on odds and ends around the house along with daily tasks such as the dishwasher, counters, and the hard floor on the first floor.  Every evening, the kids must clean up their playroom and bedroom....more

The Joy of the Family Outing

As I look back on my childhood, I realize that many of my best memories came from the shared misery my sisters and I endured.Sharing the back seat of a Volvo for numerous trips to my uncle’s dairy farm, often with bags of cow manure for my father’s organic garden in the trunk.We had to come up with ways to fight the boredom of those five-hour car trips with only two scheduled pit stops and nothing more than some 8-track tapes and each other for entertainment.There were the times one of us dared to ask for a pet hamster,bird, or tropical fish....more

A little slice of Canadiana

Canadians often brag about being able to not only withstand the cold, but embrace it.On frosty winter mornings, while scraping the four-inch, icy coating off their windshields, neighbours can be heard making cheery quips like, “Cold enough for ya?” or, “That’s quite the dump of snow we got last night, eh?”...more