Strategically Planning for The Day After Christmas Shopping

Once my kids became teenagers, the days of running out Christmas shopping early, hiding gifts & going on late night wrapping frenzies ended. We created a new tradition. We each have 1 gift under the tree and then on December 26, we shop till we drop. If you were to install a nanny cam in our home, you’d think we should be wearing camo and have our faces painted up. Its like the shopping war room when the planning starts. ...more

Making Magic: Homemade Fairy House

For a long time I have been enamored with the type of fabulous creations that are found in toy catalogs like Magic Cabin. When they appear in my mailbox I hide them from my children until I’ve had a chance to drool over the gorgeous spreads depicted on the glossy pages. Oh, the lovely absence of plastic! The loose concepts leaving lots of room for childish ideas! The enticing colors and knobby shapes just right for little hands! ...more
Oh, and my daughter's latest project is making a paper version of the Los Angeles Johnny ...more

An Account of His Day

For the last two months a secret pleasure of mine has been the time from when I pick up my four-year-old son from kindergarten to the time we get home. We live close to the school, and he attends kindergarten for half the day. A few minutes before his release time I pack up the baby, strap him into the stroller and walk to my son's school....more

Moose Hunt - Family Time Friday

Family Time Fridays!  My sweetie and his dad just got back from up in Northern Alberta.  They were gone for a week and had a great trip....more


One of the things that I love about living in the country are the stars.  I love being able to sit outside with my kids at night and look at the beautiful sky all around us.  There are no trees to block our view.  No cars honking or driving by to distract us.  My 11 year old can name quite a few of the constellations.  He's learned them from sleeping under the constellation exhibit at the Seattle Science Center during 4-H w...more

Do You Eat Family Dinners?

Does your family sit down to the dinner table each night? Several nights a week? Never?   Family dinners are one of the most important factors to a kid's success in school and in life (Time Magazine even says so!). However, if you arent used to sitting down to the dinner table each night, that can be a daunting prospect. Here are a few tips to ease the stress and increase the fun....more

Camping-Fountainbleau State Park--The Kind Nature Intended!

We are all set and ready to go!...more

Camping Organization101...Keeping It Straight!

Camping? Organization is a must! Camping is so fun and exciting! You must stay organized! 1.Shopping List:...more

Camping at Fontainebleau State Park

Since last weekend finding time between events we've been getting the camper geared up and ready to go camping this weekend. This week we've been getting the camper stocked up. The pantry is stocked with food anything you need for name it we've got it~ We're stocked and ready to go. We're also bringing all three dogs....Jazmine, Jack and Scooter. ...more

We parked under the fridge

On Saturday we went to the Brewers game and this time we arrived right before the game started. It was a sellout, but we had advanced parking (the Preferred kind) which meant that they HAD to find a spot for us no matter what. And they did. We parked on the road that goes around the parking lot, directly under the bridge. Zoe was in charge of writing down our parking spot so that we we’d know where we put the car after the game....more