Sharing Traditions with Your Children

Share your love for things now"I'll take my children when they're older" - said every parent at some point. I've certainly said it and now regret it. Why wait?Share your favorite places and things with your little ones today. Sure they may not fully grasp the experience at 2 years old vs. 10 but they will experience something magical especially by watching your joy....more

Our First Day Of School Tradition

The very first day that I took my oldest to preschool, 13 years ago, we started a first day of school tradition. At the time, I wasn't planning on it becoming an annual thing. I was simply trying to make a bad day better....more

Deck the Halls with Lots of Memories

I can’t believe that once again it’s time to break out the Christmas ornaments and decorate the tree....more

25 Advent Activities and Worldwide Christmas Traditions

One of the beautiful things I love about Christmas is that it is a worldwide celebration celebrated by many countries in various ways.  Many of your own Christmas traditions may have originated from other cultures.  While you are checking off activities on your advent list, this can be the perfect time to teach your kids about the history of some of those activities you are doing and to incorporate a few other fun Christmas activities from other countries....more

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

The holiday season for many people is filled with more busy days, obligations and stress.  Often, families want to spend more time together but they end up being pulled in multiple directions and running from one place to another.  Our family found a great way to spend quality time with one another through a tradition we began in our house that involves 12 days of gift-giving to our children that are non-toy items.  The gifts are focused on family-oriented activities that are meant for us to bond and enjoy the holidays a little bit every day leading up to Christmas.  ...more

Alarming Thanksgiving Tradition

Family traditions…everyone has them. Some are sweet and heart-warming - the kind that elicit an “AHHHHH” when you share with friends. And some are…well…just different. The kind you tell ONLY your closest friends in fear of being labeled as crazy or strange. Regardless of the nature of the tradition…it’s something your family holds dear. Ours is one of those DIFFERENT traditions. Prepare yourself…this could get messy! ...more

How to Say Thanksgiving Grace

Editor's note: Mata, BlogHer's longtime and much-loved contributing editor on religion and spirituality, passed away in May of 2013. I can think of no better tribute than re-running this post she wrote in 2009, on giving thanks. -- Julie ...more
On Thanksgiving and before every meal.more

Cranberries, an old funnel and Nanny: Thanksgiving is nigh

The hot cranberries are starting to burst. Steam building up inside each ellipsoid ultimately forces its taut magenta skin to explode, like a gum bubble that’s thinned to the point of failure. As they break open, their juices coalesce with those of the lemon and apple as well as the melted sugar, all of which swirls like lava around the pot. I love the pop-pop symphony that demarcates this stage of cranberry sauce making. It means not only that the cook must take care to avoid being splattered by hot innards but also that the finished product is at hand....more

5 Fun Fall Family Traditions

The fall season is upon us! Cool, crisp air, football, pumpkins, apples and pretty fall leaves are some of the wonderful things in store during the autumn season. There are so many opportunities for making some wonderful family memories with fall-themed activities. I've picked 5 that my family enjoys and does each year. I was just looking back at some old pictures and realized I have photos of the kids in front of the same autumn decorations at the pumpkin patch for several years in a row. I will probably make a collage of these pictures to hang as part of the fall decorations....more

25th Annual Louis Planinsek Fishing Derby

25th Annual Louis Planinsek Fishing DerbyThe best portion of a good man's life: his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.  ~William Wordsworth...more